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Mar 3, 2008 10:38 AM

Chicago Hound Seeks Recs

Will be in your wonderful city March 15-19. Looking for recs - lunches and dinners. Money not really an issue - just want to make this a memorable dining experience. Already been to Les Halles - just so-so; been to Lupa - phenomenal. Nobu and Sushi Seki - good too, but nothing that can't be have back home.

Places on my list for this trip: Balthazar, Babbo, Daniel Boulud, Gordon Ramsey Maze; and if I can snag a reservation at this late juncture - Per Se! Been to French Laundry and everything was divine.

Any other recs along these lines would be greatly appreciated. Am sure this topic has been discussed numerous times so any links to those threads would be helpful too. I know this is late for reservations...but schedule is flexible so hopefully can hit a couple good ones, at least.

Finally, any other suggestions for cheap / cheaper eats and anything that must not be missed are welcome!


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  1. Bar Blanc is great and you can still get a res two weeks ahead. Dovetail is wonderful, and more difficult on short notice, but if your schedule is flexible there should still be openings. If you search on this board, you will find several threads where these are discussed. Another place I just tried recently is Pepolino. Excellent Tuscan food, and you generally don't even need a res.

    1. Devi and Tamarind are both a cut above most Indian restaurants in this country. It's not something you'd be able to find on Devon Ave. back in Chicago. Employees Only is a terrific restaurant for satisfying American food, paired with impeccably made cocktails. Momofuku Ssam bar is also a unique experience if you like Korean flavors or offal. And though it's not in Manhattan, I think a trip to SriPraPhai might be in order if you're looking for cheaper eats. It's authentic Thai food that blows TAC Quick out of the water.

      1. Balthazar is a good choice...I've had consistently good meals there.

        Belcourt on 2 Ave and 4th is a newcomer. A little more casual, moderately priced, hearty food. They do pork belly very, very well.

        The dessert tasting menu at WD 50. Molecular gastronomy, not as fine tuned as your town's Alinea...but they have a $35- 5 course dessert tasting menu that's a whole lot of fun. I had a cornbread pudding on lemongrass cream surrounded by prune mousse and covered in a paper-thin corn brittle last night...I spent about 45 minutes eating it because it was so new - if you're looking for something you can only find in New York.

        The Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake at The Stand - 12th St & University. Oh. My. Goodness.

        Have fun!!

        1. If you are going to the theater at all and need dinner either before or after, I would try db Bistro Moderne, which is Boulud's bistro in the theater district. They are also open for lunch. Actually, I would try it even if you are not going to the theater, since it's convenient if you're staying in midtown. For pizza, go to Arturo's on Houston (not Chicago pizza!). Ouest is another favorite.

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            Sed231 - How does the menu at db Bistro Moderne compare to Balthazar? They look similar - French Bistro - and I already have reservations at Balthazar one of the days I will be in NYC. However, I indeed will be going to the theater so your suggestion makes sense...

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              For theater district dining I recommend Vice Versa or Orso.