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Mar 3, 2008 10:22 AM

Cuban, Moroccan, Spanish

We are going to be staying near Marina City, does anyone have a suggestion for Cuban, Moroccan or Spanish restaurants that wouldn't be to much of a cab ride?

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  1. There is a really nice Moroccan restaurant nearby named Tizi Melloul. It is located at 531 N. Wells St., and their telephone number is 312-670-4338. If the weather cooperated it is within an easy walking distance otherwise a very short cab ride. They also take reservations. Don

    1. Emilio's Tapas / downtown

      215 E Ohio St
      Chicago, IL 60611
      (312) 467-7177

      El Prado (a 20 minute cabride to Maywood via the 290 West during non-rush hour times) is an old school Cuban restaurant on Lake Street 1/2 block west of 1st Avenue in Maywood. It has a prohibition era speakeasy feel to it. You would never know that there's a dining room as you walk into the bare bones storefront as it's through the rear side door. The owner is quite passionate about his Cuban food and it shows!!! It's the best Cuban food outside of Havana or Little Havana/Miami, Fl....really amazing stuff!!! The Ropa Vieja, bistec palomillo, arroz con pollo, croquetas de jamon, plantonos maduros, frijoles negros, etc, are all outstanding!

      1. Another good, fun choice for Cuban is Cuatro, near McCormick Place about three miles south of Marina City. Their cuisine is really more "Latin fusion" than strictly Cuban, but there are plenty of Cuban choices on the menu.

        1. When will you be staying? In a few weeks the Blackstone hotel will be reopening and will feature a new restaurant Mercat a la Planxa which is considered by Food and Wine mag to be one of the best new restauants to try in 2008. Jose Garces owns two popular restaurants in Philly and Cuban/Spanish is his speciality.

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            FYI to the OP - the Blackstone is at the southeast corner of the Loop, about a mile south of Marina City. Mercat a la Planxa is accepting reservations on for dates starting this Saturday (although it's best to call ahead to verify, for obvious reasons).

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              Thanks for the update! I didn't realize that they were opening to the public this weekend.

          2. Thanks to everyone for the ideas; we have reservations at Mercat a la Planxa, and will probably walk into Tizi Melloul. We are looking forward to a great weekend.

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              Please report back with your review. Enjoy your stay in Chicago.