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Mar 3, 2008 10:14 AM

Providence: Garrison's store closed, but they're still in business

As asked here:

Garrison's closed their store on Hope Street on Friday, 2/29. You can still order from them, though. I'll miss having tasty chocolate right near my house...

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  1. It's The Bummer. I walked by last week and saw the sign in the window that the retail was closing. Meant to post it here, but forgot.

    Anyone know why, other than rent too high/walk-in sales too low? I used to buy there a lot----a lot of thank-you gifts and treats for friends (and self).

    A whole lot of vacant storefronts for rent on Hope St.----it's not good.

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    1. re: Moonpie1

      if ya need a fix, they'll be at the encore awards this week, and pairing up with chez pascal for a chocolate dinner on apr 28.

      re: the closing, from the projo:

      Garrison Confections will close its retail store at 815 Hope St., Providence, on Feb. 29. They will be focusing on the Web site and bigger wholesale accounts including some local spots where they will still be available locally. All of the recent attention from The Today Show and Rachael Ray’s television program have increased the Internet business.

      1. re: sk3

        Experienced some of this amazing chocolate at the Encore Awards tonight. If anyone knows where they will be selling their chocolates in the future, do let us know. Really a treat.

      1. I wonder if you can shlep over to CF and buy chocolate at their factory? It's probably 4 miles at most from the store on Hope St.

        I know the thought of going to CF does not tantalize East Siders, but hey, grab a few Stanleyburgers, then some Garrison chocolates. The yin and yang of chowhounding!

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        1. re: Bob W

          This east sider is in CF regularly, and would go there for the chocolate, if you can get it retail there.

        2. Too bad! I look forward to hearing where they will be available locally. This was definitely one of my favorite places to grab a gift before going out of town.

          1. Well, I'm glad I read this. I was considering driving down there, in part to make a visit to their store.