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Mar 3, 2008 10:00 AM

Cupcake Crazy (flour girls, swirls, bake sale)

During the weekend, I hopped in the car and drove to all the little cupcake joints out of the city to finish part 2 of my cupcake roundup. Here's the very short version;

Flour girls;
Basically just outside of downtown milton in what looks like an office building from the street. The ladies are very nice, there is a small lounge area for you to wait if you have put custom orders or waiting for cakes.

The cupcakes are dressed with heavy buttercream. Can't have more than one, because they're quite rich. The cakes themselves are fairly moist, but i noticed 2 were oily. Service was pleasant.
$2.50 each

In cozy streetsville, chuck is a phenomenal host there. Besides cupcakes, he also served us the best damn chocolate chip cookies and brownies i have had in a very long time.

The cakes had a very soft and bouncy texture and were not too heavy. The mangolicious cupcake had infused mango in the cake which you could smell even before eating.

The icing at swirls has to be the best i have tasted thus far anywhere. The consistency is very similiar to buttercream, but the taste is very light and creamy like whipped cream. It's incredibly light, giving maximum exposure to the flavour rather than any heaviness. The red velvet, mangolicious, chocoholic were the best. Red velvet was my favourite (red chocolate cake with cream cheese topping).
Chuck hails from Manhattan and has followed the magnolia craze to toronto...He probably has the largest variety of cupcakes.
$1.75 each

Bake sale;
The attitude is pretty abrasive at this place. I basically had to force the staff to sell me some cupcakes here, along with some lemon squares, a brownies (I spent over $40 and couldn't even get a smile)...service aside..

The cupcakes are good, i don't like the cake as much as they were too dense that particular day. Most of my friends that sampled it love it but mentioned that the icing was a bit too heavy. It's not buttercream but still quite a bit oily.
They only make 2 varieties here, and 2 different cakes (choc-vanilla)

Now on to all these "online only" cupcake vendors, as I think i've pretty much covered all the retail shops (currently open).

I tried about 4-6 varieties from each place, and most tasted great even after a day of sitting around.

Anyone know if cupcake boutique has a retail store yet?

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  1. Hey, Suresh, thanks for the feedback. I haven't tried Swirls. Now that you've had the smooth buttercream from Flourgirls, how would you say that compares with the icing from Life is Sweet, or some of the other places you've been to? (I loved the Flourgirls icing and am a fan of cooked buttercream icings, as I find the uncooked icings too grainy.)

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    1. re: Full tummy

      The Flourgirls icing is similiar in look to that of the cupcake shoppe or swirls...It's buttercream but the flourgirls version tastes much better when compared to the cupcake shopp as it is lighter, less dense, smoother like you mentioned. Personally I think the cupcake shoppe has the worst buttercream in the city.

      I mentioned that, to me the flourgirls buttercream was heavy, because i don't prefer buttercream as much as i do the sugar icing (as long as its not too grainy either). So this is a personal choice

      Life is sweet has great icing, its not as heavy as the buttercream versions but it is definitely sweeter. (it's one of my favourites so far)

      One good thing about the flourgirls cupcakes is that there is no buttery aftertaste on the top of your tongue afterwards. So in terms of buttercream, flourgirls is great.

      You should also try swirls because it is even lighter and smoother than flourgirls. Some don't like the 'whipped cream' taste, personally i found it great.

    2. Hot cupcake curses! After all the previous cupcake threads I convinced Mr. Manybears to go to Streetsville (by transit from downtown TO! what a lovely man) and get me some birthday cupcakes from Swirls. They were lovely, home-made looking affairs, complete with my initials in pink and green icing on top of the regular buttercream. The only disappointment: he asked for "a variety of flavours" and got 3 chococlate and 3 vanilla-- I really wanted to try the mango and red velvet. Anyway, they were pretty good, but not life-alteringly delicious. The cake was excellent texture, not dry but not sticky either. I found the icing a little bit too much like whipped butter for my tastes, but it was ok. The chocolate (yum) was much better than the vanilla, which I thought was a little plain.

      I vote Swirls better than the Cupcake Shoppe (by a long shot) but not as good as Magnolia or Cocoa Locale in Montreal-- please note my limited experience. I intend to give Life Is Sweet a go this week if I can get out there.

      1. Duuuude... you went for cupcakes and didn't invite me along?? I'm crushed.

        You managed to track down some from Circles and Squares, right? Because nothing else in the city compares to theirs.

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        1. re: SherylKirby

          Circles and squares was the only one left retail wise. I had totally forgotton about that one during the weekend.
          When are you free? I need a guide.


          1. re: Suresh

            Circles & Square isn't really open like a retail store, from what I know they mostly make desserts for some restaurants around town. I think you can just call them and ask for them to make some for you, which I think is really cool. I ordered some and they were just finishing icing them as I came to pick them up.

            1. re: Suresh

              They sell their stuff through Pusateri's.

          2. I wonder if we've been to the same Swirls!

            I've gone twice, and both times found the cupcakes to be very heavy. The selection was quite thin on both occasions. Guy behind the counter was quite gracious, I'll give you that.

            Maybe the third time will be a charm.

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            1. re: NovoCuisine

              There is an amazing cupcake place in Kitchener right on King Street across from Kitchener City Hall. It is called the Cake Box/Sweet Indulgences, and the cupcakes are delicious. Lots of flavours to choose from.

              1. re: NovoCuisine

                We got 6 cupcakes and they were all very light. They were fresh and we picked them up right after he had dressed the cakes with icing.
                I wonder if he changed his formula? When did you go Novo?

              2. Walking past Beaver Cafe on Queen West I noticed fancy looking cupcakes. Does anybody have info on these?