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Mar 3, 2008 09:57 AM

Best deals for prix fixe dinners/ tasting menus? Help.

I'm arranging a dinner for 8 foodies who love their wine on a Fri/Sat around 8-9pm, and as many of you know, closing a tab for 8 people, each paying for themselves can get messy -- especially when some people order pricier dishes than others, share appetizers, wine, etc. For this reason, I have decided to look for a place that has a set price for dinner.

I'm looking for some recommendations on some good deals for either prix fixe dinners or tasting menus at great restaurants. This can be a tough group to please, so the food has to be good.

I would appreciate any suggestions, thank you.

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  1. Compass has a $35 3-course prix fixe, available at all times. The selection is much more limited than the a la carte menu, but the quality is high. They have an extensive wine list also.

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      Thanks rrems! Great suggestion, turns out the Sunday nights are also 50% off all bottles. I think that just may be impossible to beat, thanks again.

    2. Becco is amazing - it has a prix fixe dinner for $24 dollars that includes either antipast or ceasar salad and a tasting pasta menu (they come out of the kitchen with pans of 3 different delicious pastas!) They also have an extensive wine list for $24 each.

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        I have said this before, but here goes... The last time we did the ayce special -- which, btw, is $21.95 -- the pastas were thoroughly mediocre. I would not recommend it, especially for a "though group to please."

      2. Melt out in brooklyn has a 5 course tasting menu for $25 on Tuesdays. Add 5 wine pairings for only $20 more. Hard to beat that. Unfortunately, not for your time frame.

        I loved the tasting menu at Blue Hill. It was fantastic as was the service. Clean, fresh flavors in a great setting.

        1. Thanks -- by the way, I'm also open to suggestions for Thu & Sun nights too. So any prex fixe for Thursday-Sunday 7pm+

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            I almost hate to post this because a deal this good should remain semi-secret, but Patois on Smith street in Brooklyn has a Tues-Thurs prix fixe for $20 for 3 courses. Delish and cheap even after wine is factored in.

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              emgirlb, you're the second person to rec'd this place. They also mentioned, it's a great deal, I'll definitelly try it - probably not with this group because they're looking to stay in the city - but on my own with a friend. Thanks.