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Mar 3, 2008 09:43 AM

Help me plan an opera picnic

Taking Mr BB to see Verdi's Otello on Wednesday.

A complicating factor: The opera starts early (7:30) and we'll be fighting traffic so not sure how much time we'll have to eat, so would like to pack food that is pretty flexible -- ie, could be eaten outside at the tables, or in possibly in car. Could be eaten during intermission or pre-show or a bit of both.

While keeping flexible and very low maintenance eating-wise, would also like it to be special.

I don't do meat or chicken but Mr. BB does everything.

Would much appreciate some CH creativity on this one.

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  1. The girls and I tend to make concert tailgaiting food that is the envy of others, some star dishes in the past have been: cooked salmon served cold with salad, quiches or bacon and egg pie, couscous salad with shredded chicken in it, dolmades/hommus/babaganoush /dips, cheese and crackers, antipasto plates.

    Bc I tend to think "cold finger food", i really quiches/pies. They travel well, are filling, you can round out with a salad and there are many different varieties.

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      Cold finger food sounds just about right. Like the idea of quiche. Maybe muffin-tin sized ones so you can hold them in hand...

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        make thai cold rolls - its a bit of work but its a special occasion

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            perhaps marcharry is referring to summer rolls; the filling is wrapped in rice paper and you don't cook them.

    2. Quiche is a good idea, and if you follow a recipe from Julia Child or the like (i.e. make your pastry crust, use real cream), it can be special as well.

      One of our favorite meals for a Hollywood Bowl picnic dinner is poached salmon (served cold) with boiled potatoes and tarragon sauce. It would work as long as you can eat off plates (i.e. it's not really a "finger food") Here's a link to the recipe:

      Another nice picnic dish is salade nicoise.

      1. Dana B is right.about the nicoise. But you could also do a layered cobb salad in a trifle bowl. Only one dish to tote and there's only one dish to wash later:

        The reviewers (44 of them!) had some delicious and ingenious suggestions.