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Where to go for lobster these days?

I'm a Boston local, and I have a group of clients in from Italy and they want lobster. A few years ago I would have taken them to Anthony's or Jimmy's. Where do I go now? There isn't a lot of atmosphere at any of the Legal's, and I'm looking for something with at least nice tables and chairs, which excludes Summer Shack. Am I forgetting someplace obvious?

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    1. How about Atlantic Fish Company on Boylston St?

        1. Neptune small so go early.... B&G.... and agree with Atlantic Fish for solid NE Seafood.

          1. Abe&Louies has a really decent lobster (out of the shell) as well as their huge baked stuffed....oh now I am in the mood for a lobster.

            1. The Palm at the Copley Westin does a nice job with a good sized lobster.

              1. Unless things have changed Neptune does not have lobster, they do have lobster rolls and often sell out, so not the place to bring a client.

                Maybe Kingfish Hall would fit the bill.

                1. You are aware, I presume, that Anthony's Pier 4 is still there. I know it's not quite what it used to be, but the food is still okay and the views spectacular. I still think it's impressive, although I'm sure detractors will be replying shortly.

                  1. I respectfully disagree with "alansm's" post regarding Anthony's. It may still be there, but has really subpar seafood. Keep in mind, Italy has water on three sides, and unless the OP's clients have been living in a cave for the past 50 years, they'll be insulted by what they would receive at Anthony's. I'd stick with The Palm or A&L for a top notch American style baked stuffed lobster dinner.

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                      Speaking of the Palm, the Italian guests might get a kick out of the history of that place: decades ago, two brothers in NYC filed for a license to open a restaurant named after their hometown of Parma, Italy. The clueless clerk thought they meant "Palm" with their accents and spelled it that way on their license.

                    2. The Mt. Vernon is doing their twin lobster special, as always - not a very fancy place, but they have been doing it for years.

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                        And it is pretty darn good for the price. Had dinner there a few months ago with the parents, and they were delighted with the quality of two simple steamed lobsters. Price is listed as market price - we paid $19.99.

                      2. Kingfish hall has the best option for lobster when entertaining foreign guests. They do a classic lobster boil with keilbasa clams red potatoes and an ear of corn i think. The whole place is nice to bring foreigners to with the decor, and the tables are nicer than most other fish joints.

                        1. Believe it or not one of the absolute best lobster's I ever had came from Capital Grille (Newbury St location). I got the enormous 5 pounder (boss was footing the bill) and had it grilled... out of this world. I found out that grilled lobster is delicious! Well worth a try.

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                            5 pounds -- that's gigantic! Can one person finish a 5 pounder, or did you have any left over to take home?

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                              Definate left overs- that was the purpose! I had a choice 2-5 pounders... my mother didn't raise a fool- if someone else is paying on a business expense (for their own company!) why not go for broke! My rational was I didn't drink and everyone else was pounding them down.

                          2. Capital Grill Newbury St --ask for a 2 pounder out of the shell..best I have found in the city...sit at the bar of course!

                            1. If you want something Old New England and excellent quality, Locke Ober is a more regional choice than the steakhouse options suggested and frankly more interesting. Hamersley's also does an excellent pan-roasted lobster (I would call to check it is on the menu since winter prices/availability are different).