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Mar 3, 2008 09:35 AM

Where to go for lobster these days?

I'm a Boston local, and I have a group of clients in from Italy and they want lobster. A few years ago I would have taken them to Anthony's or Jimmy's. Where do I go now? There isn't a lot of atmosphere at any of the Legal's, and I'm looking for something with at least nice tables and chairs, which excludes Summer Shack. Am I forgetting someplace obvious?

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    1. How about Atlantic Fish Company on Boylston St?

        1. Neptune small so go early.... B&G.... and agree with Atlantic Fish for solid NE Seafood.

          1. Abe&Louies has a really decent lobster (out of the shell) as well as their huge baked stuffed....oh now I am in the mood for a lobster.