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Mar 3, 2008 09:24 AM

Do wedding cakes ever taste good?

How important is it for a wedding cake to actually taste good?

As opposed to just looking good?

At a wedding recently, I was struck by this comment: "This is a wedding cake. Who cares how it tastes. It photographs so marvelously!"

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  1. They can taste good, but I agree they seldom do. And I suspect that's what most wedding guests expect. In that sense, good taste probably isn't all that important.

    I used to cater occasionally, and I recall on my first job, a wedding, the bride got her cake from a local woman who would make whatever you wanted. She wanted an "amaretto" cake and supplied a recipe. The cake turned out fabulous, best wedding cake I can ever recall. Shows it can be done.

    I got married myself about two years ago, and learned a bit more about wedding cakes. We went to a local bakery that specialized in them. Their choices of cake type (the actual cake inside) were very limited, but they would do any decoration you wanted. Given how they grind them out, especially on June Saturdays, I can see why they really can't do every little cake under the sun. In the event, the cake was pretty good, but not great by any means.

    1. Almost every piece of wedding cake I have had--has gotten a "meh" rating at best. A few have gotten a "blech"--and these were cakes that looked beautiful and tasted horrible. What was the difference btw meh and blech you ask? Well, it was all in the icing. If you want a beautiful looking cake that photographs well, go ahead and get the fondant. But fondant (IMO) tastes terrible. If you want a cake that looks okay, and tastes okay...get buttercream, whipped cream or cream cheese frosting.

      I think that is is pretty important for a wedding cake to taste good vs. looking good. Especially if this is your main (or only) dessert.

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        Most fondant cakes cover a coating layer of buttercream. You can always peel off the layer of fondant... Personally I've never really disliked the taste of fondant, but most people don't like it.

      2. I know I that taste was our first priority! And the one we got was to die for--I can't count how many people told me it was the best wedding cake they'd ever eaten! It was an almond poppyseed cake with a buttercream frosting, covered with white chocolate shavings. No frou-frou piped icing decorations--just fresh flowers on top. It was gorgeous, and delicious!

        It came from a bakery called Great Cakes in Redmond, Washington, which sadly has gone out of business. But their head cake designer and pastry chef has a website where she says she still does cakes over on the Olympic Peninsula, and she recommends some other good bakeries in and around Seattle.

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          They most certainly do have some very good wedding cakes out there. I used to work for a four star catering service and had the confectioner make my wedding cake and it was out of this world, chocolate Chambord...

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            Yeah, taste rules over looks! And I think my wedding cake looked good as well -- perhaps not as flawless as the fondant covered cakes but still beautiful. I had a blackout cake that was moist, rich, dense and absolutely delicious!

            "At a wedding recently, I was struck by this comment: "This is a wedding cake. Who cares how it tastes. It photographs so marvelously!""

            That's probably a metaphor for a lot of couples who get married these days.

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            1. My wedding cake was delicious. ...Oh, wait, we didn't have a cake. We had Ted Drewes frozen custard. It was way tasty. (We didn't go with cake b/c neither MrLit nor I cared too much about pretty, we much preferred yummy.)

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                My sister lived in St. Louis for many years while she and my BIL went to Wash U. She would appreciate Ted Drewes at at wedding!