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Mar 3, 2008 09:19 AM


I'd like to take a friend of mine out for Pasta alla Puttanesca as it is a favorite of his and they are just moving back to Seattle after being gone for several years. The trouble is I can't think of a single place that serves a good version. Can anyone help me out?


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  1. This information is old, but a decade or two ago I enjoyed Puttanesca at Bizarro in Wallingford

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    1. re: mrnelso

      Second the puttanesca at Bizarro-- the fresh linguine was perfectly done. Even better topped with some olive oil from the bread plate. Also enjoyed the lamb shank btw (but pass on the tiramisu).

    2. My favorite puttanesca has always been at Salvatore's on Roosevelt. They allowed the Times to publish their recipe way back and and I like my home version just as well.

      I also had an excellent Puttanesca Pappardelle at Betty last Saturday.

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        Thanks, we're going to try Betty tonight. It's walkable and its going to be such a nice day.

        I haven't been to Swingside for so long, I think I'll give that a try next I always have a hard time ordering something besides the Aglio Olio there (with crab) Yum!. But I have high hopes for Betty, so maybe that will satisfy the craving.

        Thanks, all.

      2. Union has a decent version of puttanesca with tuna on their bar menu.

        1. The swingside cafe in fremont has had a really good one in the past, with a changing assortment of seafoods.

          1. Pomodoro on Eastlake does a nice Puttanesca. And they serve it on mismatched old china sets, which makes it feel like dinner at Nona's.

            I don't know what I think of the place in general, though. They try to be both Spanish and Italian, both down home and upscale/high presentation -- it all depends on which dish you order which theme you get, so the menu's a little all over the place.