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Mar 3, 2008 08:46 AM

Richie Palmer's - another authentic NY pizza?

Another pizza place has opened up in Santa Monica - on Ocean Avenue a block North of Joe's. They also serve an authentic NY slice, and the Cheese slice I had was better than the most recent slice from Joe's. The atmosphere is nicer than Joe's as well. People may complain that there is no NY pizza in LA, but it seems in Santa Monica we may have a problem with too many authentic NY pizza joints bunched too close together - I hope they both do well.

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  1. Mateo R, thanks for the tip. I live in the neighborhood & can't wait to check it out.

    1. I have been twice. The good is the pizza and the subs are very tasty. The bad is the cost and parking. $9 bucks for a sub and $3.75 for a slice with a topping. The parking issue is being worked on but right now you have to get lucky with a metered spot or pay $1.80 for every 20 minutes in the lot next door.

      1. Richie Palmer is 'The' Richie of Mulberry St. Pizza.

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          i was just going to ask if mulberry street opened yet... so they decided on a different name - looking forward to trying....$3.75 a slice...hmmmm....

        2. I tried the pizza at Richie Palmers over the weekend, and it was GREAT!!! The slices are paper thin, which not only takes my back to NY, but it really shows off the quality of their cheese. Reminds me why I have tastebuds!

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            I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have been back to Joe's and I prefer the slice from Richie Palmer's. I am now wondering if the subs are equally good (I guess they might be called hogies). I will try and report back if they are an authentic source of east coast subs, or if they are an acceptable alternative to Bay Cities.

            1. re: foodhappy

              Just got back - No cold Heros. the meatball sub was good - excellent meatballs and sauce, but the bread seemed a little too light with not much chewiness to the crust.
              They also have a sign up to add a covered patio to the front of the place. This could be very nice with the ocean view - they don't have anything like that in NY.

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                I never understand when people say this - I have had a lot of pizza in NYC and the surrounding areas, and it's barely ever paper thin. IMO, proper NY style pizza is not cracker thin / paper thin.

                1. re: will47

                  Not paper thin, like in Rome (those are literally crackers, or Terroni's locally is like that), but pretty thin when you compare to regular style.

                  When I was growing up in NYC and when the schools would get pizzas for lunch I remembered the crust as a bit thicker, and a regular cheese would have more cheese than a double cheese here (with a resultant layer of grease on top that I always have to put paper towels on to mop off).

                  Last time I went to NYC though we visited one of the 'better' pizza joints there and those pizzas crusts were noticeably thinner and more charred, and they have more novel toppings, beyond the normal regular or pepperoni I grew up with. Maybe even things changed there...

                  I still prefer the thinner crust, not paper thin, but thin, chewy and crispy, and with a lot of cheese. Joe's crust is close, but needs a lot more cheese. Will try this Palmer's out.

              2. Just tried Richie Palmer's. The slices (cheese and sausage) were thin and served piping hot. It is by far the best pizza I have ever had in the Santa Monica area.
                I agree with Mateo - the atmosphere was really nice and the staff couldn't have been nicer. A great place to pop into when you're stolling the area. Yes, parking is not great, but it's a short walk from the public parking structures along 2nd Street.

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                1. re: smfoodie

                  How much for a cheese pie?

                  Is it like Joe's and Vito's where there is only one size pie?

                  1. re: Wolfgang

                    $18 for a cheese pizza, $24-26 for pizzas with various toppings. One size. It's large but very thin.