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Mar 3, 2008 08:45 AM

Brunch in the Outer Richmond

Looking to brunch before going to the Legion of Honor on a Sunday: a group of 5-8, not Ton Kiang or Park Chalet (done that), preferably with mimosas on the menu. Any recommendations?


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  1. There's Seal Rock Inn. Not a mimosa kind of place but it does a good, casual, diner-ish full American breakfast. On a weekend, it gets fairly busy.

    1. I've been curious about the Irish brunch at the Blarney Stone, with baked goods supplied by the wonderful John Campbell's Irish bakery (next door). Full bar.

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      1. re: Windy

        I've beem a few times and enjoyed it. Bacon is irish, the sausage is great and the baked goods are John Campbell. Caveats would be.

        1. Must like pub atmosphere.
        2. Must like savory egg breakfast. Didn't see any sweet - pancake/french toast options.

      2. This is a little known gem of a place...It's the Presidio Cafe at the Presidio Golf Course near the Arguello Gate. They serve brunch on Sundays from 10-3 and have a beautiful terrace and nice inside dining room with a fireplace and full bar. I've had lunch here on several occasions and the food is always fresh, creative and tasty. They recently added Sunday family dinners that are very reasonable...$20 for adults and $12 for kids. Oh, the best part, it's easy to park!!

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          Good to know about the Presidio Cafe....I remember a couple yrs ago I was talking to one of the guys working at the driving range. He said the food was so bad that the employees went elsewhere to buy lunch rather than eating for free at the Presidio Cafe.

        2. There's also the Cliff House, which was renovated a few years back. I heard it has a champange brunch but it's touristy and don't expect too much. It does have the view.

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            If you go to Cliff House, hope you will report back.

            I went a few years ago after it re-opened for the champagne brunch on a holiday and it ranks with one of the worst I've ever had ... anywhere.

            The view is the worst of all the restaurants in the Cliff House. The ambiance is hotel conference room ... with a view of the ocean.

          2. Is noon too late? Pizzetta opens at noon. No mimosas, but lovely wine.

            Pizzetta 211
            211 23rd Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121

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            1. re: Fig Newton

              Seal Rock Inn is OK but the coffee is foul and the hash browns are frozen.