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Mar 3, 2008 08:45 AM

drinks near the London?

Going to dinner at Ramsay's tomorrow and am looking for some suggestions for pre-dinner drinks. We'll have about 2 hours before dinner so I'd also appreciate any suggestions for an activity in the area besides drinking.. Thanks!

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  1. Well, we're not supposed to write about anything but food here, but you're not far from Times Square and tons of comedy clubs (you didn't say what time your reservation was).

    As for drinks, the bar at the London is actually very nice.

    Please tell us all about your meal afterwards!

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      Since when aren't you allowed to ask questions like this?

      There are a lot of fun places. What about the Bar at the Modern? Or Town?

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        And try the bar at the top of the Dream Hotel on West 54th Street. Lots of fun. There's also Flute, a sexy champagne lounge on West 53rd Street and The Divine Bar.

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          Thanks everyone for suggestions. I thought I'd just sneak in the question about activities.. although I'd much rather unwind after work with a few drinks. It's just.. 2 hours is a lot of drinking.. plus drinks during dinner.

          I think I may start the night off at the Modern. That's a neat idea.. and if we need a change of scenery.. head over to Flute or Bar Americain... and show up early for a drink at the London..

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          We're not supposed to give non food or drink related sightseeing advice.

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            I don't think thats necessarily true as long as it's relating to the food scene, which this is...

      2. If it rains, stay at the London Bar. If it doesn't, head out and grab a drink or two from Grayz. The company at the bar (and behind it) can be very entertaining, and truth be told, the drinks can sometimes be slow to come, so perhaps the combination of the two will help you wile away the hours. If you want to hit up two places, I'd go for the Modern Bar Room and Grayz. All of the museum shops near the bar room are fun to browse. Perhaps after a few drinks, the prices charged on items will seem more reasonable. :)

        I personally would not go to Flute. Except for a few very high end ones, the champagnes on the menu are not actually very well chosen and the space is a little threadbare.

        The Modern
        9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

        13 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019

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          Thanks! Grayz sounds like a great option. Even if it rains, it's only an avenue away.