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Leftover Bolognese Sauce

We had a church spaghetti dinner the other night and now we are stuck with a ton of bolognese sauce...i know freezing is an option, but i'd like to use some of it in a dish now...especially since our freezer is so full...any ideas?


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    1. So many options! Pour it over stuffed shells or any kind of pasta (rigatoni, ziti, etc) for that matter. Make a chicken sandwich with mozzarella cheese and the sauce on top.

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        I use leftover bolognese sauce for stuffed peppers, throw noodles or mix rice together w/ the sauce and stuff them.
        Also good to make Shepard's pie - just top w/ lots of mashed potatoes and grated cheese.

      2. You could also thin it out with broth, stir in some pasta and beans and have an imitation fagiole. Certainly not an authentic version, but I'm sure it'll be delish.

        1. Bolognese sauce is so good over polenta.

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            yup, i second the polenta suggestion.

          2. You might also be able to bottle it in Ball jars so you don't have to take up freezer space.

            1. I heart Polenta. It just doesn't get as much tabletop time as it should!

              1. Breakfast: Fill jaffles with them (Americans might know them by another name but it's basically what you make with this appliace: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandwich...). Slip some mozzarella into the filling too for a truly mouth-watering brekky. It's a bit trashy but soooooo good.

                1. its great on pizza. i had some leftover this week and made french bread pizzas with fontina and parmesan.

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                    top over a casserole of cubed eggplant, onions and bell peppere and bake in the oven till veggies are tender.

                  2. Take a slice of your favorite crusty bread, pour a *generous* amount of Bolognese over each slice along with a generous coating of grated cheese and eat it like you would pizza. If the sauce is prepared well, and the cheese is Locatelli or Reggiano, you can't miss with this. Enjoy. : )