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Mar 3, 2008 07:53 AM

American gin

As a dedicated martini drinker, I'm watching, with alarm, the unending escalation in the price of a bottle of imported gin as the dollar's value approaches that of Confederate money. Are there any American-made gins out there that are a worthy substitute for Tanquaray or Beefeater?

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  1. It's not American, but I find Gordon's to be comparable to Tanqueray and Beefeater. And the price is right (about half what Tanqueray costs in my area).

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    1. re: skokefoe

      Second the vote for Gordon's !

      Moderately priced and flavorful.

      1. re: easily amused

        The Gordon's Dry Gin sold in the United States IS made in AMERICA. Gordon's in the UK is sold as Tanqueray over in the US.

        The style of Gordon's is "London Dry Gin" but if you read the fine print . . . .

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          ok, I'll bite. What's he Tanqueray in the UK? I'm pretty sure I saw it over there?

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            That's interesting. Years ago when I was in London, I had some Gordon's and it bore no resemblance to the US version (it was far superior).

      2. Junipero Gin, from Anchor Distillery in San Francisco, but it's on the pricey side.

        1. I'm a gin and tonic drinker, but I do love a crisp dry martini from time to time. Gorgon's, in my opinion, is fine for a decent G&T, but way too harsh for a dry martini. I use Hendrick's and a misting of dry vermouth. I have also seen the prices rise quite a bit and even went as far as asking my local liquor store if there were other less expensive options. His reply was to buy the bottom shelf gins that come in those large, plastic, 2 liter bottles. Needless to say, I did not heed his advice. We either have to grin and bear it , or switch to good old American bourbon.

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            I have found Seagram's Extra Dry to be a reliably good, popular priced domestic gin.

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              Did you mean GIN and bear it? Awfully sorry.

              1. re: watercress

                Now that you mention it............. That was exactly what I meant. Thanks

            2. I haven't tried it, but a good friend who lives on Tanqueray and Tanqueray Ten martinis recently tried Trader Joe's gin and said it was very good. Now she used the Trader Joe's gin for her every day martinis and splurges on Tanqueray Ten for a special treat.

              1. Another option i like is Broker's. (the one with the little plastic derby on top of the bottle). Mostly in G&Ts. its made in the UK, and i have found it for 26.99 for 1.75 liter size. So its not real cheap, but you can save 3-4 bucks from the sale price of Tanqueray.

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                  Not sure of the price, but there is a little gin out of the west coast called Aviation that is lovely- very unusual botanicals