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Mar 3, 2008 07:48 AM

nho saigon - marda loop calgary

nho saigon opened this weekend on 33 Ave SW in the pink strip mall where Casablanca video, pro bodies, etc are...

I'm very happy to report that it was busy and the food was very tasty. The best part is that I live around the corner :)

We had an order of spring rolls to start, I had charbroiled pork on vermicelli and the boy had one of the beef soups - the broth on the soup was delicious, lots of meat too. The charbroiled pork was very tasty as well, nice and smoky, a bit different flavouring than some of the other places we frequent. The service was friendly, the space is simple and bright - we will be frequenting this spot often.

it's great, we almost don't have to leave the neighbourhood to eat!! :)

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  1. pants - what would be your favorite Vietnamese place in Calgary (excluding Nho Saigon) and how would they compare?


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    1. re: yen

      lunch was $20 for both of us - no beverages were ordered. prices on other items seemed average - $7-10 for most dishes

      i think bagolac by chinook station is our favorite, we've been there a lot since we found out about it.

    2. I stopped by there on my jaunt from home in Bankview to the CFM yesterday- I didn't eat there since I was saving my tummy for the world-destroying glory of Margarita's chicken schnitzel on a bun, but I did look at Nho's menu and checked the place out- pretty nice reno of a space that always had more potential then presence, although I don't get why they are bothering with the espresso bar (I don't even like espresso as a base for cafe sua da, really), BUT the menu looks very nice, even has lots of vegetarian options, which can be a challenge at a Viet place. I look forward to trying it.

      Also I noticed that Pharaoh's is gone (boo!) but there is no "for lease" sign and it just looks like an immediate transformation- any news there, pants or cookiegal?

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      1. re: John Manzo

        didn't notice...we were just debating about lunch last weekend and that was one of the options...must have just happened.

      2. Okay, had lunch there today- and I have to say how nice it is to see so many options in Marda Loop for a Sunday lunch: Belmont, Nellies, Avenue Deli, and Globefish are all open for Sunday lunch; so is Nho Saigon. I had veggie spring rolls and Pho Ga Sate, Spring rolls were good but not as good as the ones from the now-departed (in my neighbourhood) Noodle King. I was a little annoyed that they're big and come whole, not cut into smaller pieces,and are hell to eat with chopsticks and greasy and hot to work with your fingers, But they're good value, $4.25 for 4 and as I say they're the big cigar-size ones, not the more authentic tiny pinky-sized ones. The soup was very good! Rich peanutty broth, just spicy enough, deep flavour, very nice. Also they do not skimp on noodles or chicken (or presumably beed w/ pho bo sate) unlike some places. I was not blown away but was impressed enough to want to try more.

        Other news: Pharaoh's site is become "EL'S JAPANESE FUSION." Very curious about that!

        If Marda Loop can snag a really good coffee house, it's going to be a much more interesting strip than it was a mere few months ago. The construction just adds to the hope.

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        1. re: John Manzo

          John, any word on what is going into the construction site beside Belmont?


          1. re: Hart50

            It's two or maybe 3 storeys with offices above, and the story is that the main level will be a pub of some sort. I've heard a second location for "F.A.T.S." at the north end of Kensington by Riley Park; others say Melrose but I've personally heard that categorically denied by a Melrose employee- either way nothing to write home about but a great means to improve street life.

          2. re: John Manzo

            By the way, speaking of coffee Gilchrist had a little article about Caffe Artigiano in today's Herald. It sounds like the Caffe Artigiano people might further expand in Calgary if their new one does well. No doubt a Marda Loop location would be great.

            1. re: Hart50

              how does this place compare to codo?

            2. re: John Manzo

              on my way to globefish on saturday night - which was delicious as usual - i noticed the El's Japanese Fusion - I'm very curious as well - let's hope it's tasty!

            3. Okay, looks like El's Japanese Fusion opens March 23- appetizing looking photos of what I assume is their food in the window- Marda Loopers (I'm looking at YOU, Pants and Cookiegal!) keep up posted!