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Mar 3, 2008 07:44 AM

Best Burger in Hong Kong?

Okay, so Hong Kong ain't burger territory, but there has been a slight proliferation of burger joints in recent years/months. Is there even one that's any good?

(Suggestions for burgers in non-burger focused places are good too - I just want a good burger in the SAR!)

to start the ball rolling, here are the places I can remember off the top of my head:

freshness burger
triple o's
duke's burger
main st. deli
burger joint (recently moved away from sheung wan location into soho???)

none of the above have really done it for me - mostly it's the quality of the bun that's the problem, but having said that none of the patties have been great either.

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  1. I have always struggled to get a good burger in HK , the meat always taste a bit off and the buns are sweet. There is a burger joint next the Delaneys in Wanchai that had a decent burger , but it was 2am and my judgement might have been off !

    1. Best I have ever had in HK are Triple O and the American Club. Not great but does the job for me. Triple O's burger is decent and to make it a good meal, get their milkshake too!

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      1. re: HKTraveler

        I had a really good really expensive hamburger at Harbourside inside the Intercontinental. Triple O's is OK.

        1. re: kure

          yep i've heard intercon has good burgers, but i've never had one there coz it seems a bit of a trek and 3 digits for a burger kinda pushes the whole utilitarian feel of a burger off the cliff... though i does sound good!

          1. re: e_ting

            I haven't tried it either but I am not sold on how mixing toro and beef would taste good. Wouldn't the taste of the beef over-whelm the toro and basically waste a good piece of sushi?

          2. re: kure

            I almost tried the wagyu/toro burger but cudn't get a table at the cafe! Anyway my friend wo has tried it told me that she was disappointed - the beef and the fish didn't mix well. I am undeterred and will bring a nice bottle of big red and share the burger with friends - one day.

            Otherwise my favorite burger place is Shake 'em Buns. The patties are not all beef - they have diced onions inside. This makes the patties juicy and soft. Lovely stuff. If you like them big, try the Gang Bang (only available in Causeway Bay) with 2 patties. I have a video of my friend trying to pick it up posted on my's funny!

            1. re: Peech

              I tried the Shake'em Buns in CWB once but was quite disappointed. The burger literally fell apart when I was half way through! And as you point out, the patty is not all beef and tasted funny to me.

        2. I thought I read Burger Joint was closed and was going to bemoan that fact - loved their selection of condiments on good burgers and fish sandwiches - but you say it's moved. Have you got a location more specific than soho?

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          1. re: fpatrick

            when i was writing that, i thought they'd moved to gough street, but when i walked past the other day, i realised it wasn't burger joint, but burger republic.sorry to disappoint!

            1. re: fpatrick

              Burger Joint is closed. My friend was the owner and was very sad.

            2. Though a little 'off-topic'. but had an amazing 'burger combo' for lunch at Spoon the other day. Three mini burgers side by side. One is Wagyu beef done medium rare! One is duck seasoned 'exotcally' and one, a prawn and crabmeat pate. All three comes with interesting dips and condiments!

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                interesting, i had something quite similar at l'atelier de robuchon too, though all three burger-lets were the same. bite sized burgers sure are nice - all that juicy burgery goodness in one shot - but sometimes, i just want a classic, lo-fi burger, and by the way this thread's going, it looks like hk is a veritable burger desert!

              2. Shake-em-buns - superb
                Harlans - decent
                Wagyu - great (massive and a little overpriced but nonetheless a good burger)

                For anyone that has lived in ny, shakembuns is the closest thing to island burger (an old favorite of mine). the only drawback to S-em-B is their excessive use of Mayo.

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                1. re: sachubachu

                  the best burger in hk that i've had is at mainstreet in stanley. in fact, main street is one of my favorite restasurants in hk. its just far as i live in mid-levels, so i usually go there after a hike and reward myself with a burger, medium well, with all the fixings, including lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions, pickles, no cheese. you don't even need ketchup, mustard or mayo. 100% ground beef, with no filler. and medium well is still juicy..

                  1. re: schung

                    Shake 'em Buns or the Wagyu Burger from Press Room.

                    1. re: Kiedis

                      sorry, but i can't eat the burgers from shake 'em buns. not 100% beef. soy or some filler mixed in. also, the hamburger disintegrates in your hands.

                      i also like harlan's burger with the truffle mayo on the side.