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Mar 3, 2008 07:42 AM

Camas, WA

Online, it looks like this is rather a high end/upscale area east of Vancouver, WA. Where do people who live in Camas eat out and shop? Portland? Our daughter and her family are moving near there soon and we are curious as we are not at all familiar with any of that area. Thanks!!!

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  1. i'd also like some dining ideas in this area. i was there last august and rather than risking a disappointment, my friend and i drove into portland and had a late dinner at Montage (

    i'll be there again in august and would love to check out anything decent in the camas area.

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      Some of the NW's best burgers can be found at Top Burger in Camas. Their jalapeno-bacon cheeseburger is WOW!

      1. re: nonbei

        good to know. my husband is a burger lover.