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Mar 3, 2008 07:23 AM

Ole Whiskers in Plano

One night last week, DH and I ate at Ole Whiskers for the first time in a very, very long time. Yes, I know it's a chain and worse yet an all you can eat buffet. BUT the food was very good. I had fried catfish, a roll, some onion rings, and a cinnamon roll. You don't have to overload just because you can. Price is still very reasonable. If you can overlook the starkness of the place and keep an eye out for fresh food pans, which they bring out frequently, you can eat well here.

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  1. Food is pretty good, but No atmosphere. Really a shame hope they stay open. You can tell it's real fried catfish when they serve green tomato relish. It is really easy to consume 5,000 calories in that place. I wonder how many cal's are in one of those cinammon rolls?

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    1. re: fishfry

      You're right. 0 atmosphere. But the food is good AND you don't have to splash grease everywhere and clean up afterwards.

    2. I would agree that the fish is good, their sides however are just passable. Personally I would rather have catfish at Babes and have great tasting sides.

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      1. re: irodguy

        Irod, have you had their onion rings, rolls, and cinnamon rolls? Absolutely wonderful. Now if you need healthy stuff, not so much. Besides, Babes is noisy and crowded. But it looks nicer. Both good.

        1. re: Plano Rose

          Their onion rings are good, but mashed and gravy are very instant. Also generally I don't really like buffets. I probably go to Babes once or twice a month and to Ole Whiskers once every six months or so.

      2. The food is pretty good, but overpriced in the evenings. The lunch buffet is not a bad price though.

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        1. re: ownlife

          Ole Whiskers may have some issues but price vs value is not one of them. 10.95 for pretty good catfish and everything else is a bargain. I wish they could close off some of the seating so the place would have a better "feel "when you eat. They way the placed is laid out and decorated there can be 60 folks in there and it seems empty.

          I ate there last week and it was very good. Places like this are a dying breed so if you get a chance please give them some support.

          1. re: fishfry

            You said it better than I did. Thanks.

            1. re: fishfry

              OMG! This place really needs to get some soap and water to clean it up. The food was arranged very unattractive. The so called cinna buns or what ever they call them look AS if it COULD be made up of the off brand can of biscuits, you know the ones you buy at the grocery store for around .025 cent.
              The catfish is to die for, it is good BUT can and has taste better pending on the day of the week you go. We have visited this place about 4 times. My last visit there was 2-3 months ago.
              They charged me 12.00 bucks and some change I think for my 12 year old daughter.
              The lady that takes the money at the front with the (Big Hair) was so busy talking, we stood at the front for about 6 min. The set up is very poor, it could look a bit better to attract the customers to make them want to eat. The remaining finger foods were dried and old, could tell they had hung out for over 2 hours.(Not fresh at all)
              They need to clean that place up, arrange the food to attract us. Give consumers a reason to eat at your establishment, mainly if you are going to charge this amount for a buffet.
              I refuse to go back until they clean up this place and take a look at there menu.

              Overall this place COULD have potential.
              Don’t shoot the messenger.