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Mar 3, 2008 06:57 AM

What's happenin' in Seminole Heights?

Went to Bungalow Bistro last week on a friend's recommendation, and was intrigued by Seminole Heights, an area I know nothing about. What else is good to eat up there? Your suggestions are welcome; any cuisine suits me, any price range, with perhaps a special emphasis on bakeries. TIA!

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  1. Hit Mauricio Faedo's Bakery on Florida Ave. Three Coins is a good old-school diner on Nebraska Ave. Want Mexican? Go by El Taconazo (the Taco Bus) on Hillsborough. The Front Porch on Florida can be hit or miss in service and food, but the place itself is lovely and this time of year can be lovely to sit at one of the tables outside.

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      Wow, investigating your bakery rec I found this...
      Look at all that bread!

      I'd 'prefer' to have seen a pair of gloves, but I'll get there asap and try some of this bread right outta the oven...

      Next time I cheat on Dr. Atkins I'm so there!

      1. re: maladrin

        I second you on The Taco Bus! Great tamales. Mmmm!