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Mar 3, 2008 06:57 AM

Point Brugge Cafe - PGH

I'd like to know more about Point Brugge Cafe, a french bistro in PGH. I've read great things about it in the papers and wanted to get some testimonials here.

Looking for an alternative to Ma Provence in Squirrel Hill, which I really enjoyed.

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  1. Point Brugge is quite good, but I wouldn't call it a French bistro, or compare it to Ma Provence. It's definitely Belgian. There's certainly a French influence there, but I wouldn't expect French bistro style food. What I've had there - moules frites, steak frites, carbonnade - has been excellent. You can check out their menu here:

    It has a great neighborhood location, and I love the atmosphere. It's no secret, though, and waits can be long on the weekend. And they have a nice selection of Belgian beers.

    1. Be forewarned, though, that this is one of those places that is so loud you probably won't be able to converse with your dinner companions. I've been there three times -- all with the same result. I go out to dinner to enjoy conversation and, of course, the food. When the noise makes conversation impossible, I move on.

      I unfortunately encountered the same problem at Legume on South Braddock Avenue. While the food was fine, the noise level was just too high.

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        I've been to Point Brugge three times for brunch and I've never had a problem with the noise. Definitely belgian and not French however. I never had a brunch item I didn't enjoy there.

      2. Have only been once, with young kids (wouldn't recommend that, though), and had a mostly good experience. Definitely not a French bistro. Had some excellent moules frites, my wife had a really good salad, but I made the mistake of getting a fish special and, particularly for the price, was disappointed. I could have made something at home, and have, that was far more satisfying.

        I'd recommend, perhaps not during a weekend, but stick with the traditional Belgian dishes.

        1. The mussels are amazing. Flown in fresh from PEI everyday. I'm so addicted to them it's doubtful that I'll ever order anything else. Not French, but definitely worth a visit.