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Mar 3, 2008 06:31 AM

Recs for Shreveport

I will be attending a conference in Shreveport this week. Any suggestions for moderately priced but tasty dinner in the area near the convention center? I will be staying at Sam's Town.

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  1. Downtown Shreveport dining leaves alot to be desired. If you have a car, go to Herby K's (get the Shrimp Buster) - great seafood place. Or if you want a good steak go to "The Cub" - (make a reservation) both places are complete hole in the walls, but this is where the locals eat because it is the best.

    1. Nothing is really far from anywhere. I love the Lucky palace. Its a hole in the wall joint also, but the food is awesome and so is the wine list. I believe it got the Grand Award of excellence from the Wine Spectator. Not too many places in Louisiana with a Grand award.
      Bella Fresca is the most creative with food. But the cuisine never really looses a foot from tradition. Some things there are inexpensive: BBQ shrimp over grits is $17, some things are a bit pricier: Grilled beef tenderloin with crab mashed potatoes and bearnaise $35.
      The mexican food at TacoMania is very good. Plenty of things on the menu that are more Mexican then Tex-Mex.

      1. I will second the recommendations on Lucky Palace and on Bella Fresca which is on Line Ave. Another favorite for a do not miss breakfast or lunch is the Cotton Boll on Fairfield, I think. I recommend sitting at the counter and visit with the cook. What a blast of a place.

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          Is Strawn's still open? They had the BEST burgers and pie.

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            Yes, Strawn's is still open on Kings Highway. They also have a new location on the corner of Youree and 70th, with about the same menu as the original. Still the same people, pie and great burgers.

            1. re: nolalawyer

              Can any of these places accomodate a group of 20 or so for lunch? If not, any other suggestions in the Shreveport area?

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                The cotton boll would be too small for 20 at lunch. But Both Bella Fresca and Lucky Palace could do it with a nicer atmosphere than Strawns.

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                  Bon Apetit on Line Avenue could do 20 people for lunch if you called ahead. Also Monjuni's is a great little italian place that could definately do 20 people for lunch and the food is superb!

                2. re: nolalawyer

                  God, I miss that food...but not that town.

            2. Thank you all...thank God I'm back in Cajun Country, that's all I can say...

              1. Here is a current newspaper review for Bella Fresca