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Mar 3, 2008 06:29 AM

Carter & Cavero, Red Bank

I know there are many who doubt that true love exists, but I believe I found it with this quaint olive oil shop. I went in for the first time yesterday afternoon. The aroma upon entering is phenominal a pleasure for sure, then followed with a warm greeting from the proprietor. After sampling through the oils I decided on the Chilean Arbosona, it has a great soft aroma of tomato and just an indescript fresh and clean quality and then finishes with a peppery aft. I also purchased the garlic infused dipping oil which was used immediately after to accompany some great cheese and wine that we selected at the Wine Concierge in Allenhurst. My lady was crazy about the pommegranite balsalmic which was very nice and the red apple balsalmic was wonderful, actually I drizzled the red apple balsalmic over some vanilla bean ice cream as a dessert, superb. Even right now I am sitting here with some toasted ciabatta from Balthazar and tasting through the oils again. I reiterate I adore this little shop and will hopefully be attending some olive oil and wine tastings in the future. Cheers!

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  1. I actually made a post about this shop back in November. I'm with you Chris their products are tops. We even had a great gift basket shipped to someone in Florida. You have to try the sherry vinegar Wow!

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      I'm in. I will pick up a bottle on sunday on your rec.

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        Chris great store. I know you cant taste here but, the best place I have found to buy oils and vinegars is Chefs I bought some great stuff from Sicily there. I think they also have cool stuff like Truffles and caviar.

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      1. Can someone post an address to this place? Thanks.

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        1. I like that they have some organically grown products. It's a great place to learn. I was amazed at how varied the oils can taste. The owner is a wonderful guide to tasting.

          Carter & Cavero
          19 Monmouth St, Red Bank

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