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Mar 3, 2008 06:28 AM

Your inexpensive, Unusual locations to "Grab A Bite"?

Please indicate whether there are tables or not available Thanks

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  1. I'll be the first to admit that some people find it a bit unsavoury, but I've always liked the Vesta Lunch at Dupont and Bathurst. No tables - just counters. No nonsense, no pretensions either. Simple food - their three-decker sandwiches are great - prepared quickly and served without attitude. I always ask for extra of their vinegary coleslaw compared to their fries.

    1. Bagel Nash or Le Delice at the Longo's plaza at Bayview and Laurelleaf. (Same plaza as Ferrovia) Inside the mini mall is Bagel nash, which serves respectable bagels and sandwiches. At Le Delice, they sell falafels and shawarmas. Both cheap and both delicious.

        I'll have to add the Chinese food counter at TnT Supermarket at Warden and Steeles. to this list. I don't know if they offer the same items at their other locations, however, I was in there one Friday night recently (They're open till 2AM) and ordered the 4 items of your choice, lunch box which included a mound of rice for under $5.00. They have tables there in front, all the tea you can drink on the house and a microwave at your disposal.
        Around 9PM they start dropping the prices on all the prepared items.

        1. I used to pick up a roti from Albert's when I was in need of a quick, easy fill-up... but my new favourite in the area (Bathurst & St. Clair) is Eastern Twist. I have only tried their wraps, but I believe the make the Paratha wrap (white or whole wheat) themselves and the fillings are pretty tasty too - $6-$9 depending on the filling. And if you like spicy, make sure you add the achar as a topping! It's fast food style, but there are tables.

          1. The hot dog cart at Queen near University. If you walk far enough, there is a table eventually.

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              I often pick up some Okra Stew at Ghazale (Bloor & Bathurst)...if it's in good weather I usually sit on one of the concrete planters nearby and 'people watch'...otherwise I just eat it in my car! I also would do the same with a freshly made Serrano & Cheese sandwich from the Cheese Dairy but they have now closed.....Boo Hoo!

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                Other than hot dogs what are you referencing it for? the cost of the 'dogs'?

                1. re: fruglescot

                  Location mostly. Queen's Park is relatively nearby and it is off a subway stop I often exit from.