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Feb 28, 2002 04:29 PM

Looking for BBQ as good as Dad's on Olympic

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There was a take-out-only bbq place called Dad's on Olympic for years; the best pork ribs, with a thick, sweet/spicy sauce. Have been looking for something nearly as good since Dad's closed a few years ago. The only thing close I've found is Philip's, in Leimert Park, though it's an almighty trek from Los Feliz. Any other truly worthy rib spots around? Thanks

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  1. Try Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ in Van Nuys or
    J & J Burger Shack on Adams just 2 blocks east of Fairfax great BBQ and his Mom makes the desserts (sweet Potato Crunch Cake) and really good sides also

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Thanks; have had Hogly Wogly (pretty good) though never heard of J & J and will check out. Also just remembered Dad's was on Pico, not Olympic.

      1. re: Burger Boy

        I don't know why people go to Dr Hoglywofly's thing. I think it's just plain awful. Go to Greece's (see my above post) and then see if you can eat even one of the Dr's ribs.

        1. re: Dylan Yolles

          Been to Greeces or should i say GREASY many years ago, good, but not spectacular. Somebody please gp to J&J Burgershack and have some of J's BBQ, it is good and the sauce is the BOSS. Still like the Dr.

      2. My sentimental favorite in LA is Benny's BBQ, on Lincoln in Marina Del Rey. It's right across the street from a large firewood supplier which, incidentally, provides the wood for Benny's pit.

        But that's a ways from Los Feliz as well. There is place just east of downtown, on Sunset where I think Sunset is called MJK, can't remember the cross-street or the name of the place, but they have wood fire, and very good ribs and chicken. Anybody remember more details on this place?

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        1. re: Tom M.

          The name of the place is BBQ King, on Sunset and Figueroa (I think it's Fig), right before Sunset turns into Cesar Chavez. Ate there once, and remember the ribs being good, if not great.

        2. Not sure if it's been mentioned in this thread, but I am generally shocked at the lack of discussion of Greece's, on Labrea near 8th street. They don't have a phone listing. All of the BBQ items are phenomenal. One day some friends and I toured about six different BBQ places, including all of the most highly rated places in south central (which needless to say are quite inconvenient to get to). The favorite was Greece's. I think everything they do is great, but I am particularly impressed with their chicken, which is never overcooked.

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          1. re: Dylan Yolles

            Because Grubman respects other hounds' opinions -- particularly about bbq which seems especially subjective -- I try not to disagree. But ...

            Greece's is in my 'hood & all the Grubs rejoiced when it got its act together. But ...

            First visit, many years ago, all choices were, ah, inedible. Neither Papa Grub, Mama Grub or any of the huge, Q-crazed spawn of Grubs could or would finish. No explanation from Greece.

            Second visit, maybe a year ago, tried pork ribs. Ok, but sauce still a bit medicinal.

            Third visit, two weeks ago, pork ribs & chicken. Both ok this turn, but -- again for my taste -- not in my top five.

            When the Q craving hits, we take the few extra mins to grubivate over to the Lighthouse on Western near Venice, or for a change to Tasty Q on Crenshaw near Jefferson.

            1. re: Mr Grub

              tasty q sucks except for the yams, which are very good. beef ribs are cold, not flavorful, and gristly. phillips and woody's are much better even mr. cecil's. only tried the lighthouse once, for the beef ribs, it was good though not spectacular.

              1. re: kevin

                Greece's is good, if you don't asphyxiate on the smoke coming out of the cooker and streaking the walls, man, the soot even got under my nails. Tasty Q's ribs are... okay, too soggy and not a whole lot of flavor; I think the meat at Mr. Cecil's is tender, but the sauces suck, not one of them tastes like anything Kraft couldn't do better. Good hushpuppies; awful glowing-green coleslaw, dry cake. Still looking for that sweet/hot Kansas City style bbq...

                1. re: nancy romm
                  john gonzales

                  I really like Mr.Cecils chunky-style slaw. The sauces are a little boring, but it's the meat that counts anyway and it's good. Definitely expensive though! The hush puppies are ridiculous, something like $5.

                  1. re: nancy romm
                    john gonzales

                    I really like Mr.Cecils chunky-style slaw. The sauces are a little boring, but it's the meat that counts anyway and it's good. Definitely expensive though! The hush puppies are ridiculous, something like $5.

                    1. re: john gonzales

                      I like their cole slaw too. The rest of it, I could take or leave. Not cheap.

            2. Never been to Dad's but I love Mr Cecils California Ribs..12244 W. Pico (b/w Bundy and Centinela). Ribs come dry with your choice of three BBQ sauces so you can dunk to your heart's delight. Babybacks are so tender they fall off the bone!

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              1. re: dkawai

                Very, VERY expensive for a bbq joint -- $10 for a sandwich with fries, $20(!) for a rib combo with two sides...

                It's good, but it's not THAT good, especially considering you're not paying for ambiance (right next to the 10 fwy, across the street from a porn shop, right next to an auto body shop).