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Middle Eastern in Dearborn Area

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Now that La Shish has been closed, where is a really great place for Middle Eastern in the Dearborn area (not far from the Dearborn Inn), that also has lamb chile?

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  1. Can't help you with lamb chili but I've always felt La Pita was way better than La Shish


    (and Al Berdounis a close 2nd!!)

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      I'm also a Berdouni fan.

      The Detroit Free Press also has an article on this very subject:

    2. Cedarland and Al Ameer on Warren are both very good.

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        Al Ameer is the best in my book - and they just opened one on the west side of Dearborn on Ford - might be equidistant from the Dearborn Inn to either the East Dearborn or West Dearborn (actually Heights) location:


      2. Ditto on La Pita and Al-Berdouni. Don't forget New Yasmeen Bakery, though it's a bit further.

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          Thanks for your suggestions! I'll give La Pita a try.

        2. Don't overlook the newly open Ollie's on Ford Rd near Greenfield (Next to best Buy), outstanding food!!


          1. Similarly, a decade ago I was in Dearborn a lot and became addicted to La Shish's fatoosh. Can anyone recommend the closest equivalent? I'll be there this coming week and was crushed to find out that La Shish is no more!

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              la marsa mediterranean cuisine. locations in troy, bloomfield, waterford, and farmington hills. the troy store and possibly some of the others are old la shish locations. i have been to the one in troy and had the fatoosh (my favorite at la shish) and it is spot on.


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                Thanks! That's a bit far but maybe. I have Cedarland, Hamido, Al Ajami, and Ollie's locked&loaded in my GPS -- any thoughts on these?

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                  Ugh...Cedarland's food I detest with just about every fiber of my being. I would *never* go back there, even if someone else was paying! Could just be my personal taste, though...it's not a service or problematic issue with the owners or people. I honestly just *hate* their food.

                  The rest of them I'm not really familiar with, personally. I'd just recommend that you avoid Cedarland is all.

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                    Ollie's is good - I like it. My favorite place is Al Ameer on Warren, near the Detroit city line.

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                    Al Ajami is great , was just there last weekend , can't wait to go back . A new Dearborn fav ...