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Feb 28, 2002 03:27 PM

filipino food in LA?

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any recommendations for filipino food in LA?

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  1. I like barrio fiesta in Lakewood the best. ITs by the lakewood mall near fudruckers. Great "traditional" type decor and food. They have them around other places. Great kare-kare and fried squid. There's some downtown too i think.

    Also, there are filipino districts on Vermont, near the 101. I think they have Jeepney Grill somewhere over there and some others. They have a Goldilocks bakery and Red Ribbon and some markets as well.

    There's also a few in Carson on Main street which aren't bad. I know some of the owners of the places, and its a good place to try different things. Plus, there's a Jollibee on Carson Street/Main.

    Also a few in Cerritos, but I didn't like them as much though.

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      The other Barrio Fiesta location is in Glendale on San Fernando and Glendale.

      Sadly, Jeepney Grill no longer exists.

      There is a new Filipino restaurant in Glendale called Sabaw ATBP ("Soup and Others"). It is on Brand and Broadway in the same building as Chevy's. It is on the 2nd floor near CPK.