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Mar 3, 2008 04:49 AM

Best place for lunch in Ellicott City is...

Will be in Ellicott City around 11AM for an early lunch
I was thinking about Tersiguel's, but they don't open until 11:30AM
Any other suggestions?

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  1. I'm terrible w/ distance and sort of tend to lump Ellicott City, Columbia and Arundel Mills area in as one (i know, i know, they're not really THAT close). But depending on where you need to be, I would consider: Cafe de Paris, Pho Dhat Than or Little Spice Thai restaurant. A quick check on the CdP website and the restaurant opens @ 11:30am but the creperie opens at 11am.

    1. Two good lunch spots in nearby Baltimore County are The Trolley Stop on the east side of Oella Avenue just across the bridge, next to the Oella parking lot. Dimitri's International Grille is a little further east on Main Street (MD 144) in Oella and has terrific food and a huge menu. They are known for their Sour Beef and dumplings, and rightfully so.

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        I second both the Trolly Stop and Dimitri's, both are solid lunch choices
        unfortunetly IMO nothing besides Tersiguels is stella in Historic E.C.
        I have had good lunches at the Brewery as well. and I've heard Jordan's (chain) is good Have not tries myself.
        Stay away from LapaLapa (just not good)and the new aisan fusion place that replaced Sidestreets (pricey and odd)

        If you are going beyond Historic E.C but still very close and want something more simple I love Serafino's Ittalian Market for great subs and italian specialties.

        1. re: poached

          Just to set the record straight, Jordan's is not a chain. They are also not open for lunch.

          1. re: JonParker

            My mistake I always thought they were- I have no reason not to give it a try then

          2. re: poached

            I had a solid lunch at the Brewery as well. Great pulled pork sandwich special.

        2. I don't know what to tell you. Tersiguel's is one heck of a wonderful place. I had dinner once and did the Chef's tasting menu - it was just the best meal I've ever had. Since then my Fiance took some people to lunch there and said it was really great. Can't you wait till 11:30?

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            Well, now that you mention it, that's exactly what we did. Got there when it opened at 11:30. Nice warm crusty bread, with great butter for the table. I had an omelet; my wife had a vegetarian plate with veggies that, the waitress informed us, "chef had just gotten from the market that morning". They are always so gracious and accomodating there.

            Great service, great meal, $32, before tip

            1. re: RolandParkGuy

              I'm glad you made it there and had a nice meal. In my opinion Tersiguel's is a really high class place. I've read that they own a farm somewhere out in Baltimore or Howard County, so often times they have also grown the food that they are serving to you. I'd really love to get back there sometime soon, but they are on the entire opposite side of town from me and considering all the money I've pumped into my business recently and with my recent health/diet issues it has to be a special occasion meal. : )

              1. re: RolandParkGuy

                Isn't it wonderful? Tersiguel's is one of our FAVORITE places to go. We JUSt went there for the 1rst time about this time last year and have easily spent a few thousand there since....but it's always been A+ to us when we go and we try to go every other month.