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Mar 3, 2008 04:48 AM

Fiddleheads Cafe, Hancock, NH

Stopped in after some x-c skiing -
For $6, we got a cup of soup and half sandwich - good value -
My soup was outstanding - shiitake mushroom and barley.
My gf's soup of mexican chicken was disappointing, basically an overly lime broth.
Sandwiches were excellent - big, thick slices of bread - tarragon chicken salad was good. She was happy with the tuna salad.
Overall, a reliable, good value and decent place to stop for lunch in this quiet corner of NH.

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  1. pedestrian at best...............

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    1. re: tom h

      I'd have to disagree - do you have any better suggestions in that area? I can't think of any. Gotta go all the way to Keene. Peterborough doesn't have much.
      Cafe at Noone Falls used to be a great little spot for sandwiches, but right now, they are only open provisionally when the auction place is running. There is the Twin Pine in Peterborough, but this place seems a bit better.

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        I'd also disagree . TWELVE Pine in Peterborough is kind of similar in what they offer, but at a much higher price and somewhat slow service . Even though I work in Peterborough, I often take the time to drive up to Fiddleheads .

        The Cafe at Noone was decent, but alas long gone . However, Mt. Fuji ( based in Marlborough ) has opened up a restaurant in the same building and are open for lunch .

        1. re: Msample

          Thanks for the Mt. Fuji tip and the correction. I was having a Back to the Future moment. ;)