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Mar 3, 2008 04:45 AM

ROAST BEEF DINNER----Where's the Best?

Well, I am coming back to Toronto on Wednesday and since we don't eat Beef most of the time here in Jamaica ..I have a MAJOR craving for rare Roast Beef Dinner with the 'traditional' sides....where do I go??? Don't say I have to cook it myself! Re-entry is sometimes hard enough without having to do 'real' cooking the minute I walk in the door!!!

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  1. My out-of-town guests were very happy with their prime rib at Tom Jones. I can't remember much about the sides, but their garlic bread was tasty.

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      1. I've read somewhere that Prime Restaurant at the Windsor Arms Hotel has a traditional roast beef dinner served family style on Sundays - all the reviews I've read about this place have been positive so it might be worth checking out.

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          We did the family roast beef dinner at Prime a few weeks ago, it was just okay. I would not rush back.

          1. re: millygirl

            I didn't have the prime rib at Prime, but a regular dinner out. My steak was overcooked (medium does not equal the rare I requested). I consider overcooking a steak an unforgivable sin at a steakhouse. When I pointed out it was overcooked, they asked me if I wanted a new one, rather than whisking it away, horrified at their error, with an apology and providing me with a new one instantly (Maybe that's a personal preference, but I don't think that the customer should put in the position of having to choose "demanding" or "tolerant". The food is wrong, so fix it unasked, I say.) For the many hundreds of dollars the dinner cost us, that's two sins too many.

            As to how that relates to the prime rib dinner, I figure that if they can't cook a filet properly to order, I wouldn't count on them to cook a whole prime rib for group service.

            1. re: Smalph

              The prime rib was nothing special. It just didn't have much taste to it. The worst part was the yorkshire pudding which arrived in the form of a day old muffin. Our server was a friendly guy, almost too friendly really. And the service that you would expect from a top notch hotel just wasn't. The prices are, but that's about all. Really underwhelming all around.

              1. re: millygirl

                Wow that's really too bad. Thanks for the heads up - I don't think I'll be going to Prime any time soon.

                1. re: Yum2MyTum

                  yah I was curious about this as I love prime rib, but Im glad I know its not worth it.

        2. okay for a less expensive roast beef dinner (pub style) Ive tried MANY.. Some of the best have been at rebel house (tender beef, excellent sides), House on Parliament, had a really tender piece of meat at Murphys Law in the beaches last night (though no yorkshire pudding), and its pretty good at mill st brewery as well...
          These are all your basic pubs, not anything to compare to tom jones and windsor arms, of course but good for a low (under $20) price point.

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          1. re: hungryabbey

            I had prime rib at Mill St last summer. Among the worst such beasts I have ever tasted. Inedible, actually. Beyond well done (ordered medium rare), stringy, dry, tasteless, and too tough to chew beyond the second forkful. I hope it was an off day, but have no plans to risk it again myself. Beer was okay.

            1. re: embee

              really? hm thats too bad. Hope it didnt turn you off of the place, they have some pretty good pub offerings for the price. I have only had it once there more recently than that so perhaps they have improved since last summer? :s or perhaps I got a good piece.
              My worst was probably the black dog pub in scarborough- it was probably 70% fat that I had to cut away.