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Food on the way to Las Vegas

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We're driving to Las Vegas for the first time this weekend - any good food along the way? Any food at all along the way?

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  1. I've only stopped there for drinks, but maybe The Mad Greek in Baker? Anyone?

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    1. re: Michael

      The Mad Greek is good. Yummy greek specialties, falafal, baklava.

      Strawberry and coffee shakes are also excellent. This is a must stop everytime I drive to Vegas.

      1. re: Michael

        What is a greek place doing in Baker California?

        1. re: nubi

          I think I summed my opinion above,,,,,

          Thanks Hounds!

          1. re: nubi

            They probably figured that anyone foolish enough to go in to a Greek restaurant in the middle of the Mojave desert would willingly eat anything.

            -Someone Who Foolishly Patronized A Chinese Restaurant In Santa Fe, New Mexico...

            1. re: Chino Wayne
              Chris G...........

              What is it about Chinese food in New Mexico? I had my worst and most bizarre meal ever at a Chinese restaurant in Gallup.

              1. re: Chris G...........

                That would be quite a detour for someone driving from LA to LV.

                1. re: Chris G...........

                  I think that somehow the fusion of Southwestern and Chinese cuisine was mutated from all that atomic testing at White Sands. Or is it that Wen Ho Lee took all the Chinese cooking secrets from New Mexico back to China?

                  1. re: Chino Wayne

                    Maybe that explains why the dishes we ordered had a strange, pink-hued glow (literally!). Of course, part of that was due to the fact that they used pickled sushi ginger in place of fresh ginger. If Wen Ho Lee took New Mexican Chinese cooking secrets back to China, the U.S. should give him the medal of valor because New Mexican Chinese food will bring China to its knees faster than any nuclear weapons arsenal.

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              Mad Greek is good, so is Bun Boy, also in Baker. Stopping in Baker has always worked for us on the way to Las Vegas. It's the gateway to Death Valley, is just a whistle stop, and has the world's tallest thermometer. What's not to like. The general store at the gas station there has a little bit of everything and plenty of candy and cold drinks and either the Greek or Boy are good for an easy and pleasant enough lite meal on the way to the Buffet at Caesar's!

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                I second the MAd Greek recommendations. Good greasy spoon fare, hamburgers, club sandwiches, and excellent baklava to sate the sweet tooth the rest of the way to Vegas.

                1. re: Michael

                  If I were choosing between Mad Greek and Peggy Sue's, I'd go for the later. Mad Greek is ultimately pretty darned greasy and just ok. Peggy Sue's, on the other hand, has really delicious date shakes and a giant dried everything and nuts store attached. Very nice. Lots of dates.

                2. There's a bunch of fast food places (tommys, In-n-out, Arbys, etc) in Barstow, which is halfway there. Other than that, there's a few truck stop type places (mad greek, jenny rose, etc) and other fast food places in Baker and at the Nevada border towns. Personally, I usually grab a snack @ Barstow either at a fast food place or the Chevron or Starbucks, then save my apetite for one of the restaurants in Vegas.

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                    Reportedly the Barstow McDonald's is the highest volume franchise in the country.

                    1. re: mc michael

                      This the Barstow Depot one? Seemed just as crappy as all the other ones to me the one time we stopped there. (Actually to use the facilities, not for the food.)

                    2. re: Belafkih

                      I would try not to stop in Barstow, if you can make it to Baker. The last couple of times we've driven to Vegas, Barstow has been a complete nightmare. Every fast food place was packed, we ended up eating the worst Subway ever in our car, and it took us 30 minutes to get back onto the freeway because of the intense traffic in Barstow. The outlet malls there have made stopping there a total disaster.

                    3. Well, the last time I went to Vegas, we stopped at Popeye's chicken on the way there and liked it so much that we stopped on the way back, too. Spicy fried chicken -- yum. I have to admit that it was much more pleasurable that the lunch I ate at Olives in Vegas.

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                        I agree about the Olive's comment. Everyone told us to eat there and we were disappointed. Food was mediocre and overpriced.

                      2. Somebody will have to help me with the correct name, but a 50's diner that is well known (some name like Norma Jean) is right off the highway at about the Calico Exit. I have friends who never ever go to Las Vegas without stopping there for a meal. It has been featured on Public Television and is supposed to be quite good.

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                        1. re: Al

                          I Believe it is called Peggy Sue's Diner I think on the north side of Barstow.

                          1. re: Sherry A

                            That's It!!! Thanks, my memory sometimes stays in low gear.

                          2. re: Al
                            Martin Slade

                            I hate to say it, but the Marie Callendar's in Victorville is about as good as it gets.

                            It *IS* a VERY nice Marie Callendar's, but still a chain.

                            Coco's in Barstow can be acceptable if your are not too picky about freshness. The pies are, well, just what you would expect.

                            The Officer's Club at Ft. Irwin is pretty good, but a long way off the beaten track...

                          3. Our choice (usually breakfast) is at Bun Boy Restaurant in Baker. Baker seems to be easy in and easy out of town.

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                              If it is lunch time, our favorite place to stop, of course, is In N Out in Barstow at the Kenwood exit, near the outlet mall.

                            2. The Mad Greek!!! Great Greek food and an awesome milk shake!

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                              1. re: Burger Boy

                                Only had bad experiences here, very greasy, and really low health rating "c", last time I went there......

                                1. re: moviebob

                                  Does the rating really matter? I still think it serves good foor, benn 3 or 4 years but i enjoyed the souvlaki & strawberry shake very much.............

                              2. I know this IN Vegas, not on the way, but I just wanted to put in a pitch for Commander's Palace at Aladdin. It is one of the best restaurants in the Southwest, and is the best Cajun food you will find West of New Orleans. Nothing in Los Angeles even approaches CP. Gumbo black as night, divine crab cakes (all meat, no filling) and a wonderful atmosphere with expert service. Trust me on this.

                                1. At Cajon summit you have the Summit Inn, which is an old classic, don't know about the food though.

                                  In Victorville just off the 15 at the mall you have Tony Roma's, on both sides of the freeway in that area are some of the other usual chains.

                                  At the Lenwood exit on the 15 on the south side of Barstow with all the factory outlets you have a ton of chains. We usually eat at In-N-Out. We tried Panda Express last time, it was OK, (probably because I was starving). You probably have every conceivable fast food outlet on both sides of the 15 at Lenwood. You also have Quigley's which is OK coffee shop food.

                                  In Barstow there is a Von's (or a Ralph's or Albertson's, forget which) on Main Street a couple of blocks west of the 15. We bought some decent made to order sandwiches in the supermarket deli there. You also have a Coco's on Main.

                                  Peggy Sue's diner north of Barstow off the 15.

                                  In Baker you have Bun Boy, decent breakfast food, the men's room there has been pretty nasty some times, nice strawberry shakes. Mad Greek, and many of the usual fast food joints. Baker is now safe to eat at. Many moons ago, when traveling with my parents, there was only one business in Baker, and every time, it was cockroach city.

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                                    scott duncan

                                    Having been raised in Victorville I encourage you to not stop at Tony Roma's but rather if so inclined at the same exit turn right onto Bear Valley Road from the freeway exit (to go to Tony Roma's you would turn left) and then get into the left turn lane at the first signal (I believe it is Amargosa Road but if not it is Mariposa Rd) and head north (parallel to the freeway) for about 1/4 mile and in the strip mall which contains Red Robin, Victorville's Multiplex theater and Pier One Imports is Victorville's best restaurant "La Fonda's" (I doubt it is related to any other of the worlds La Fonda's). It is a mexican sit down place with the menu ranging from around 5$-15$ (I know it is sad that is as good as it gets in Victorville but this place is pretty decent). I recommend the Pescado el Diablo. This entails a good sized Talipia cooked in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce. You get the whole fish none of this anaesthetized filet business. Their albondigas soup (I think that taste is Mexican Oregano) is also excellent and the combo plates come standard with very tasty cheesy and runny refried beans, good spanish rice, and a large fresh fried hot out of the oil chicharron (sp?) aka fried pork skin (if you have only ever had them out of the bag this will be a transcendental experience). The other seafood is also very good and the other entrees (traditional mexican type fare) are all safe bets.

                                    If you aren't worry about getting away from the freeway the best tamales I have ever had (and I have had alot) can be found in Hesperia on Hesperia Road right near where it passes under Main Street at Casa Delicias. This is a take out place with a few tables inside. The tamales are mildly spicy (not trying to be macho just the perfect amount to bring a little perspiration). The masa is the perfect balance between being dry and mushy (perfectly moist and notable with corn flavor) and the stewed pork or beef is just succulent. After these all other tamales seem lacking.

                                    Along the lines of other posts there is an In-N-Out at the Main street exit in Hesperia, The Summit Inn serves date shakes and ostrich burgers along with other traditional greasy spoon food.

                                    My experience at Bun Boy in Baker was pretty disappointing. I expected a kitschy greasy spoon diner with down home cooking and got mediocre Denny's quality food at what I felt where very high prices. If that is the food you like you might as well go to Denny's down the street and save a little money. Plus at the Dennys the Forest service has info about desert attractions in the area (Gateway to Death Valley and all that plus the relatively recent Mojave Desert Wildlife Area) in the lobby. However having read the other posts The Mad Greek will be where I stop next time through. I have always liked dates and date shakes so...

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