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Mar 3, 2008 04:32 AM

Have to change my original London plans

So you may remember me from previous posts. I am the one with the overly aggressive plan and the 6 month pregnant wife. Or at least she would be at the time of the trip. Well turns out we are having twins (oh goodness!) and she is unable to make the trip now, so we cancelled the plans. Oddly enough just two days later my company decided I needed to go do some training in London the week of March 17th. I will be arriving on Sat the 15th and leaving on Sun 23rd. Here was my original plans:

Sat: Lunch at Yauatcha. Supper at Fryer's Delight
Sun: Lunch at Tayyabs. Supper at Mohsen
Mon: Lunch at Haozhan. Pre-theatre supper at J Sheekey
Tues: Lunch at Wagamama's (I know, I know, but the wife wants to go!). Supper at Moti Mahal
Wed: Lunch at Maroush. Supper at Great Queen Street
Thurs: Lunch at Anchor and Hope. Supper at Abeno.

I won't be able to do the lunches now, as they will all be provided by the company. Nor will I do J Sheekey as it was a pre-theatre meal and I won't be going to the theatre alone. I am staying at the Marriott County Hall now too instead of up by the Holborn tube. Looking to see what can be salvaged for suppers and what new ideas you all may have near my hotel.

Was thinking I could still do Mohsen, Haozhan, Moti Mahal, Maroush, Great Queen Street and Anchor and Hope easily enough. Will do Borough Market on one or both Saturdays depending on how I feel the first day. What else should I consider? Thanks again!!

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  1. If you're staying at county hall, you're a short walk from Masters Super Fish on Waterloo Road; it's about 2 blocks down from the Old Vic theatre, and it's a very good traditional fish & chip shop. Go for the regular cod/haddock or the mustard batter - in my opinion it's better than Fryers Delight! Not open on sundays, licensed. Dim Sum at the Dragon Castle on Walworth Rd is also worth considering. Have a beer at The Rake (Winchester Walk, within Borough Market) - they have an amazing selection and very knowledgeable staff, quieter early in the week; also the Kings Arms ( for a more traditional London pub feel. Most of the restaurants and pubs around County Hall are a bit dire, but Gordon's Wine Bar (Villiers St, by Embankment) is worth a look, as are places further along the Southbank towards Waterloo/RFH HTH!

    1. Don't drop Tayyabs! Swap in that for Mohsen. That would be my advice.

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        I agree with monkeytennis -- don't abandon Tayyabs.