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Mar 3, 2008 04:31 AM

Grimaldi's, Brooklyn--Excellent, But... wasn't as good as the pizza I had at Lombardi's in Manhattan the other night. The pizzas are similar, as they both use slices of mozzarella and pieces of basil, and are thin crust pizzas cooked in coal-fired ovens, but the pizza at Grimaldi's was undercooked (charred very little on the bottom), the pepperoni wasn't as tasty (and also a bit undercooked), the dough seemed a bit more salty, and at least a couple of people I was with didn't bother finishing the crust because the outer crust was kind of doughy.

But it was still an excellent pizza, and one that would probably be considered better than nearly any other in the Boston area. I guess this shows how great those Lombardi's pizzas are, IMO...

I'm off to Pepe's today to complete the trifecta of top pizza places in the Northeast (well, not complete, as I didn't get to Patsy's, Totonno's, and others). It'll be my second time there in two weeks; hopefully it will be as good as last time!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you had an undercooked one at Grimaldi's. I prefer Grimaldi's to Lombardi's (which I'm not crazy about at all). But none of these compares to Pepe's. Lucky you.

    1. Completing a trifecta but no Di Fara's? I'd skip the others and have 3 slices there. Boom! A trifecta.

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      1. re: Larry Brooks

        Only 3? I'm good for 5. LOL. But I also moved to NJ and tend to make a pig of myself when I get myhands on an excellent NY pie!!

      2. I dont think that the problems you noted with Grimaldi's are unusual. Lombardi's uses (at least to my knowledge) better ingredients and is still taking more care with the product. Grimaldi's is coasting on a reputation that is no longer deserved, in my opinion.

        I also wonder how DiFara's managed to not be on your list. Just curious, as many of us think it to be better than any of the others.

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        1. re: Steve R

          I went to Di Fara several months ago with high expectations, and it did not disappoint, though for me, anyways, I was a bit turned off by the sheer amount of olive oil that he poured on top of the pie. I know that many (if not most) people love it this way, but I almost think that Di Fara would have been my favorite of them all if not for the excess olive oil.

          As it stands, my personal favorites in the area are (in order, more or less):

          1) Lombardi's
          2) John's, Times Square
          3) Arturo's, Greenwich Village
          4) Di Fara
          4) Grimaldi's
          5) Joe's, Greenwich Village
          6) Da Nico, Little Italy

          BUT, I have not yet tried Totonno's, Patsy's, Lucali, or Una Pizza Napoletana, so my list isn't yet complete. Those will have to wait for my next trip, perhaps in early June or whenever I'm able to get to get tickets for a Cyclones game (my main reason for a next trip aside from pizza and visiting family).

          P.S. I just had an early dinner at Pepe's, and man oh man, it was yet another unforgettable pie at that place. I may have to put it above all of the places I've been to in New York...

        2. "the pizza at Grimaldi's was undercooked", sadly this is the basic standard for the place. However when they are not busy this problem is a little better (due to not rushing).

          However, please, go to DiFara for a square pie and Lucali's as well before you make any
          hasty decisions. I think you will be turned around on the whole Brooklyn pizza issue.

          Hail Dom.

          1. Grimaldi's and Lombardis are both pretty decent pizza. They certainly both beat out 99% of pizza places on this planet.
            But, there are still much better places you should try.
            Lucali blows them both away.
            and, DiFara's blows away Lucali.

            (also better than Grimaldi's or Lombardi's - Totonno's, Nick's, lazarra's, maybe franny's)

            but, of course, thats just my opinion.

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            1. re: Get In My Belly

              Girmaldi's is below average and not worth the wait. If you are coming to the area do yourself a favor and go to DiFara's you won't be disapointed.