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Mar 3, 2008 03:26 AM


I had some friends fly in this weekend on their way to PA, and they wanted to go out to lunch. After much consideration, I chose Berthas....and what a good choice it was! The waitress Dee entertained the four of us with all the ghost stories we could ever need, and the food was fabulous! I have only ever had mussels there, and the older lady in the group wanted to try them so we did...they were huge, and served with garlic butter and so good I want to go back today for more. The other two people had the crabcake sandwich special. The cakes were HUGE and I could tell they were just about all jumbo lump. They could hardly finish them and the oohs and ahs let me know they loved every bite. Plus, we had a table in the sun...these folks are from Florida and it was so windy and cold Saturday that the whole meal was just the ticket! I will go back again soon....

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  1. Berthas usually doesn't get a lotta love on the boards but I've always had good the future try their paella, its awfully good.....

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      I think people's problem with Bertha's was that it had fallen off and gone downhill from what was, I assume, a fairly decent place. Things change over time, andit's possible that they are back on their game. I haven't been in years, but I trust crosby's opinion, so I might give them a shot soon.

    2. This is nice to hear. Before DC got a baseball team, I always thought of it as the place our DC neighbors hit before going to Camden Yards because they didn't know any better!

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        1. Here she is with her mussels...mMMMMMMmmm

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            I have always enjoyed Bertha's mussels- not because they're the best mussels, but because they offer different dipping sauces! The anchovy tomato one is my fav. Bertha's has been smoke free for at least a year now- so I don't think that's the problem. The restaurant is certainly perceived as touristy, but the bar room filled with locals- mostly drinking. I think part of the reason Bertha's gets a bad rap is that they have had the same menu for years (decades!). Without new things to try, it's easy to get bored, & there are many well done crab cakes & mussels in this town. I, however, completely appreciate the atmosphere of the bar room on weekend afternoons, filled with locals, & the friendly sat/sun afternoon bartender that makes the meanest bloody mary & mint julep in town.

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                Bertha's is on the northwest corner of S. Broadway and Lancaster, across Lancaster from BOP.

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                A neighbor of Bertha's on Shakespeare says that the owner's son is now the chef and that the food has improved. I cannot vouch for this but maybe it is worth a revisit.

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                  The owner's son is the manager not the chef. Berthas has a hodge podge of line cooks- no chef. One guy has worked there for many years. The daytime guy came recently from Friends bar.

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                    I remember from "back in the day" when Bertha's was just that one little room just as you walk in and if my memory serves me
                    it was a "communal"(read that as socialist)) this still the case? And do the curtains in that small dining room have that big "B"

            1. The bar side is a good place for live music on Friday's and Saturdays. There's no cover, ane they feature some of the best blues bands in the Baltimore area.