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Feb 28, 2002 11:54 AM

Urth Caffe -- best coffee in L.A.?

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Had breakfast this morning at Urth Caffe on Melrose, 1 block west of La Cienega. Good breakfast, but man...what coffee. I've been here before, I've hard their coffee brewed at other places, but something just hit me this morning -- their coffee is, almost literally, like a first growth Bordeaux. Complex and layered, it has bouquet, midpalate, and finish. Amazing stuff. And much, much better when made by them, than when their beans are brewed by someone else. Expensive, but to my mind, worth it.

So, is there better coffee in L.A.?

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  1. m
    Michael Robertson Moore

    If there's anything better I haven't found it.

    I gave up drinking coffee a few years back. Then I allowed myself the occasional espresso. Last year I came up with the ideal formula: one cup a week, a latte at Urth Caffe on Sunday mornings.

    I'm very happy on Sundays.

    (Is it true that the Literati Cafe in Brentwood serves the same organic coffee as the Urth Caffe?)

    Also, the people watching at the Urth Caffe is without equal.

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    1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

      I've had a couple of cups at Literati (Bundy & Wilshire, I think), but have never sampled Urth. Liked Literati's VERY much. It was strong and full flavored, but not bitter or burnt. This coffee lover gives it a (caffeine-jittery) two thumbs up! Had a great sandwhich and salad there too - lots of fresh grilled veggies.

      1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

        Literati serves Urth Caffé coffee and teas but is not otherwise associated with the Urth on Melrose

        1. re: Marco Polo
          Michael Robertson Moore

          Thanks. Soon I'll be living closer to Literati. And if the coffee is the same, I'll sacrifice the people-watching.

          My one criticism of Urth Caffe, aside from the obvious one about crowds, seating, and parking, is that their music selection is schizophrenic and often irritating.

      2. there's no better coffee in my opinion! i willingly drive all the way from santa monica for a taste of their brew every sunday morning. oh--and be sure to try the desserts! their 4-inch pecan pie drenched in pure maple syrup is to die for! the only drawback to the place is the crowd (and parking!).

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        1. re: sophique

          Feh! *I* make the drive from Monterey Park for Urth Caffe, and a friend of mine comes way the heck out from San Gabriel for their coffee! Oh yeah, the fine people watching dosen't hurt either. ;)

        2. try their spanish coffee. amazing.

          1. With all of these people driving in from everywhere in LA County, no wonder its crowded on Sundays. I have always wanted to go, but have always been put off by the crowds. Is there a time when it isn't busy?

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            1. re: Phurl

              In my experience, Saturday mornings are busier than Sundays. I won't go after 8:30 AM on a Saturday. I definitely wouldn't go between 8:30 and 2:30 or so on a Saturday.

              Otherwise, part of the fun is the crowd and the people watching. They have valet parking, although I never use it 'cause I enjoy the walk along hip Melrose.

              Thomas Schoos design is nearby down the street and is a very cool haven of Asian design, fountains, birds, and plants. 8618 Melrose