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Mar 2, 2008 10:44 PM

rotisserie chicken san diego


So where does one find a good cooked rotisserie chicken to get to take home around here?

There are some decent ones at Vons and Costco but are there any restaurants that specialize in them in San Diego? I'm thinking of fresher, spicier, something-er more, though I have to admit I am fairly happy with the ones at the supermarkets I mentioned but thought I'd ask since I was wondering the other day when Vons was out of them.

North Park/Hillcrest area is closest but will travel for the goods.

Thanks CHOW


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  1. Saffron Thai Chicken on Idian Street offers somehting for everyone. You can get the shole bird or parts. You get Thai sauces to go with it as well. They have been doing Rotisserie chicken for years and they are always good. They offer great sides like red and white rice, cucumber salad, Thai egg rolls. The food is great. They also own the Safron Noodles next door, and you can order both. They have solved the take out problem, call ahead and make your order, then you call from outside the place, and they bring it out to your car.

    Ask about the picnic basket dinner, it actually comes in a basket and it is a complete meal for 4 people.

    3731 India St # B
    San Diego, CA 92103
    (619) 574-0177

    1. I love El Pollo Loco! They cut up all the pieces and grill them so it's not real rotisserie but I think it taste better.

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      1. re: surfer1966

        i actually agree that El Pollo loco is better than Saffron.
        Saffron tends to lack in flavor at times, without the sauces its not quite as good.

      2. rimel's in la jolla is good. smaller place with nice outdoor seating and nice staff. everything i've had there has been very fresh.

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        1. re: DoctorQuality

          Big second for Rimel's!
          Used to be a regular lunch option when I worked in La Jolla, but a year later, I'd almost forgotten about those tasty chicks :)

        2. There's an obscure place called Mr. Chick's on Mission Gorge Road, near the intersection of Zion but on the North Side of the street (6618 Mission Gorge Road). Take the time to find this place and have their moist chicken. One of the sides that I love there is the green beans with tomatoes and a hint of jalapeno. Delicious!

          Google them and read the positive reviews...

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          1. re: LisaSD

            Mr. Chick's is pretty good. I always end up getting the Greek Salad with Chicken. It's a lot of food for not very much money. They're lunch specials are also a good value. I think there is a location in Tierrasanta as welll.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              Sort of Tierrasanta...on the Southwest side of 15 at Clairmont the mini mall that has a Navy Federal Credit Union ATM.

              It is good.

              1. re: Cathy

                Ah, yes, I've been to that one many times. I'll third the recommendation.

                There's also a rotisserie chicken place in the Long's/Souplantation strip mall at Midway/W Point Loma. Their chicken is pretty good, but their sides totally suck.

                I keep hoping that a Pollo Campero (a huge chain out of Guatemala that's opened/opening ~20 stores in LA) will open in San Diego. Mucho better than El Pollo Loco. And their sides kick KFC's butt up one side and down the other...

              2. re: DiningDiva

                It was in Tierrasanta for about five minutes a few years ago. Now, the spot is a Japanese place called Edamame. Not bad either, especially for Tierrasanta.

              3. re: LisaSD

                I took a look at their menu and it looks pretty good! Are there any other sides that you like?

              4. thank you for the great replies, though i am hesitant about el pollo loco - if only for their insanely annoying advertisements on tv!

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                1. re: stangoldsmith

                  Try it! Their chicken is pretty good (for fast food, a lot better than KFC) and cheap. Just don't get any of their sides.

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                    Personally I find El Pollo Loco to be rather greasy. I am a fan of Saffron's rotisserie chicken, though.

                    1. re: stangoldsmith

                      i'm a fan at el pollo loco, but each location is different. You want to go to the locations that have a big grill and lots of turnover, otherwise the chicken is dry when served. In SD, we go to the El Pollo in Carmel Valley, even though there is one just down the street from us.