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Mar 2, 2008 10:02 PM

The best Indian Recipes!

I have never done any Indian cooking, but a bunch of friends and I are about to change this. Can you recommend your favorite tried and true Indian cookbooks, or online recipe resources?


p.s. One recipe I am specifically looking for is saag chicken (not sure of exact Indian name). Chicken with creamy spinach sauce, like saag paneer, but chicken instead of cheese.

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    1. There are some good videos/recipes at:

      1. This is quite a good site:

        Bookwise, look out for "The Curry Secret" by Khris Dillon which gives restaurant replica results for standard dishes (not the more modern high-end cuisine though). Check the book reviews on Amazon.

        1. madhur jaffrey has a number of wonderful cookbooks. there's one with 30 minute meals (although most take a little longer than that). this website has some good recipes, and they are illustrated with photos for each step as well

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            Madhur Jaffrey is wonderful. She has loads of good cookbooks. I'd recommend the quick and easy ones for a new cook, or the original Introduction (Invitation?) to Indian Cooking. The latter doesn't have pictures, but the recipes are really good.

            Also, Julie Sahni's books are really good, but I'm not sure they're the easiest for a beginner. If you're already an accomplished cook, though, they should be no trouble.

            One thing, though: I'd only caution that home-cooked Indian food is almost nothing like restaurant Indian food. I just mention it because I've seen lots of people become disenchanted with Indian cooking because it's not like the food in their local curry house!