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Mar 2, 2008 09:51 PM

Lamb in Chili ?

Anyone ever put Lamb in Chili ?

Just saw the Chili contest Ultimate Recipe where Peg Schaefer from Bozeman, MT, used lamb in her : Mexitana Ancho-Lamb Chili Recipe entry.

It looked excellent, and the idea of lamb in chili is intriguing.

Anyone ever tried it? Any other good recipes of chili w/ lamb floating around out there?

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  1. The only requirement for real chili is meat from a four-legged critter and some form of spicy capsicum, ground, crushed or fresh. Lamb should work if one is so inclined to use it.

    My meat of choice is beef or pork, whichever is cheaper at the time of purchase. I buy about 5 pound of meat in the form of a roast and cube it before starting the brewing process. Chili is usually not made with expensive cuts of meat.

    For recipes try the websites of the Chili Appreciation Society International and the International Chili Society. Other culinary websites, especially those including 'Texas' in the website names should have recipes.

    For chili fixin's, access

    1. I saw the episode. This recipe has all the usual chili ingredients, plus some that are more common in Mexico. For example the use of annato paste (achiote) is typical of southern Mexico cooking (Yucatan).

      Lamb, even mature mutton (and goat), works well in a spicy stew. There are lots of Indian lamb curries or stews. This meat is also used in Mexico. Barbacoa, pit steamed meat, is often made with one of these meats, as is birria.

      I don't see any reason why you can't substitute lamb for beef in any chili recipe. Ground lamb could even be used in Cincinnati style chili. That style is really a Greek/Middle Eastern take on chili, and lamb is a common meat in that part of the world.


      1. I made chili for a competition last week with (about) 2 lb. beef, 1 lb. pork, and 1 lb. lamb (leg), coarsely ground. It was pretty good - won second place - and the lamb added some good flavor. I haven't made it with ALL lamb, but I would think it would be fine.

        1. Here's a page of Texas goat recipes. Maybe it will give you some ideas