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Mar 2, 2008 09:38 PM

Vegetarian Recommendations in Guanajuato and Zacatecas

I am off to Zacatecas then Guanajuato for Santa Semana. I am a vegetarian (including no chicken or fish), although I don't mind eating food that was prepared alongside meat. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants that have at least one good vegetarian dish on their menu?

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  1. Look for locations of Gorditas Doña Julia. There's one not far from the Cathedral. Famous for gorditas Zacatecas style, the little restaurants offer various fillings including rajas con queso, frijolitos, and other vegetarian choices. It's far from fancy, but it sure is good.


    1. Or, Semana Santa I should say. Thanks for the G.D.J. recommendation - it's mentioned in my guidebooks as well, but they didn't mention that there were good meat-free options!

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        We ate at Truco 7 in Guanajuato, and though it wasn't mind blowing, the food was ok.

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          I ate at Truco 7 twice. Both times the food was good, but the service was absolutely abysmal. The first time, I ordered a drink and didn't receive it. I repeatedly asked, again and again, and they kept saying it would be right out. They brought out my bill, and the drink was on it. I pointed that out and the waiter said he would be right back with it. I continued to wait... and wait... In all, I waited fifty minutes for a drink that I had already paid for. The second time, my waiter went home in the middle of my meal and nobody would help me. I asked three different people for my bill and nobody would bring it. Again, I waited almost an hour after I finished just for the privilege of paying and leaving.

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            yeah, the service we had wasn't the best either. We asked for a pitcher of Limonada, and they didn't bring it until the middle of our meal after repeated requests.