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Mar 2, 2008 08:23 PM

Charleston a for first-timer

Hello there,

I am heading to Charleston next month. My family and I are visiting a sibling at College of Charleston. This is my first time and I am hoping for some recommendations. We are staying at/on Folly Beach and welcome to suggestions for there and Charleston...

First, a delicious, but not expensive place, to treat my family for dinner -- nothing too outrageous in terms of food, they are conservative eaters. Next, places to eat at while touring the city - especially for lunches. Lastly, places for the siblings to go out at night. Except for the kid in school, we are 20-to-30 somethings and looking for places with a bit of "nightlife". but not clubby.

Thank you so much for your help! I look forward to you suggestions!

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  1. There are currently several active threads on this subject.

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      I would appreciate it if you could provide the links. I've only found 2. One addresses more fine dining and the other has only 1 response.

      1. can you give us an idea of what your definition of "expensive" is? My current picks for delicious are FIG and Al di La. FIG entrees are in the twenties and Al di La is a bit less.

        I'm guessing the college kid can tell you all you want to know about nightlife!

        Folly is one of my favorite places. Enjoy!

        1. If you are at Folly and want something good Bowens Island is the place. That is if it has been rebuilt. Eating on the deck overlooking the marsh and good fried food. At least that is what it used to be.

          1. If you could define "expensive," that would be helpful.

            You can find nightlife on Folly, but if you are looking for something more subdued on a Fri or Sat night I would suggest Chai's on upper King St. They serve tapas and they have a nice outdoor space.

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              I agree. FIG is great and Al di La is also a good pick. There is a bar/restaurat on Folly, I believe it is called the Hide-A-Way (can't remember- ask a local) its a great spot all the locals go there and it is away from the crowds. They have a great deck overlooking the water (channel). Lunch downtown: SNOB (or Slightly North of Broad - its on East Bay) is always great; Shrimp and Grits are a must. Dinner: check out High Cotton across the street from SNOB. Also, a staple in Charleston is Poogan's Porch (on Queen between Meeting St and King Street) . They do 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. As far as nightlife, Meritage on East Bay (right before the market heading toward the Battery) is a bar/tapas restaurants) use to have live music on the weekends. If you want a good view of the city check out the Roof Top Bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel at the corner of East Bay and (I can't remember) but its at the end of the Market, you can't miss it. It is great! Hope this helped.