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Mar 2, 2008 07:50 PM

Fish and Chips in Calgary

Any good suggestions out there for a good UK style fish and chip shop? I've tried a few places here and none compare yet to the fish shops I had living in the UK. Either there's too much flavorless batter or flavorless fish that you can tell was frozen.

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  1. Proper fish & chips is a total art. So many variables involved which need precise control! 90% of the fish & chip purveyors back home get it wrong, so i don't hold out much hope over here!! It's like our curries.....

    I haven't come across anywhere in Calgary - but - i did have fantastic fish n' chips at Haultain Fish & Chips (1127 Haultain St, Victoria).

    My only complaint was that this didn't have the absolutely essential mushy peas!

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    1. I still say Deerfoot outlet mall, the fish and chips place there. Most of the mushy peas on Calgary are crunchy..haha!

      I have yet to find somewhere as good as the UK for fish and chips...but these work. I always get the halibut cause they use garbage if you just get the regular order. You can get other types of fish as well. hit and miss. They use to have out of this world Lobster and chips.

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        The Deerfoot mall place used to be good about 20 years ago when it was run by an English couple. They used to do it traditionally by battering the fish as you order and the chips were thick cut. I think they sold out the place 10 or so years ago and it has never been the same since :(

        Slightly off topic, but there's a few places that have curries close to what I got in the UK (Namskar and Clay Oven).

        1. re: slingshotz

          "Curry" is done in about 50 ethnic ways- I can't imagine they're all done wrong here! And from what I understand, "Indian" food in Canada is way more authentic than "Indian" in the UK. Most Indian UK restos are Bangladeshi owned to start...

          1. re: John Manzo

            There are many, many different types of curry houses in the UK - it's probably true that a lot of the provincial high street ones are Bangladeshi owned, but in London you can pick & choose from all the different regions - my favourite regional curries (those of Kerala) for example are abundant around Kings Cross/Euston. Anyway I am not really knocking the curries I have had over here, some have been good - just that they are different to the ones i have been used to. I will definitely try Namskar & Clay Oven. If anyone wants to open a good curry restaurant out here in Canmore, you will have a willing investor!!

            1. re: graemejw

              In Canada, "curry" and "Indian" are not equivalent. "Curry" can be had at Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese, Nepalese, Pakistani, etc etc etc restos.

          2. re: slingshotz

            Well...I know it used to be better but I still think Deerfoot outlet has good fish and chips. I pretty much can't stomach them anywhere else Joey's is gross. Billingsgate is suppose to be decent but I haven't tried them. Halibut House is hit and miss. Lord and Fin in Cochrane, I find hit and miss, Captain Scotts suck.

            1. re: kritafo

              Two of us had fish and chips at Billingsgate (Stadium Shopping Centre) twice, a few months ago, and both times we were very disappointed. The service at the counter was surly, to put it kindly; but we could live with that if the fish 'n chips were good. Sadly, the fish was extraordinarily greasy, and the chips were just mediocre at best. As well as this disappointment in fish 'n chips from a place where we expected better, the floor and the tables were very dirty. They also didn't have many customers. No, I don't think I'll go back. Two strikes and you're out.

        2. There was a place in the little strip mall across the street from St. Francis High School. You had to call ahead as the owner would only open when he felt like it. We drove by a while ago, and it looks he sold it :o(

          1. When I worked with a bunch of NFLD gals they always talked about MUDDERS fish and chips. They said it was the best place in the city, I have never been there nor do I know if there still open.....but if they are, it would be nice to know and see what others think.
            3505 17th Ave SE

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            1. re: cdn

              Interesting. I'll take a look the next time i swing by the neighbourhood. I drive down there every couple weeks looking for someplace to try. It's hard to spot and drive at the same time, but i'll see if i can find it.

              Thanks for the intel.

            2. Although I haven't had them for a while the James Joyce on Stephen Avenue Mall does a pretty good job.