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Mar 2, 2008 07:41 PM

Seattle 75th Birthday but with 2 yr old in tow

Hello. We're celebrating my Dad's 75th birthday, but we'll have our two year old in tow. We need a dinner spot for one night and a brunch spot for the actual birthday. We'll be staying at the Westin downtown. Thank you very much for your help!

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  1. PS I meant to mention that a brunch place with a nice view would be great. Also, the 75th birthday boy (born and raised in the Midwest) isn't into new-fangled, sleek, fancy restaurants. He's down-to-earth and back-to-basics.

    1. You could always do the buffet at Salty's on Alki for brunch - nice view, everyone can eat what they want, and it's pretty kid friendly. We took our inlaws there with our 20 month old (who's now 2) and it was fine.
      For dinner I'm not sure what to suggest, most of the restaurants downtown have highchairs (if you still use them) even the "fancy" ones. We usually go to Tutta Bella for pizza in Wallingford for family dinners, but there is one in the downtown area as well. What type of food would you like for dinner? You could do Elliott's on the waterfront for seafood, not too sleek or modern.

      1. Check out Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union. Right on the water, stunning view, your two year old can chase the ducks and count sailboats and walk up and down the hallways to check out carvings and old photos. Very down to earth, no airs or affectations, not intimidating in the least. They offer dinner every night plus Sunday brunch. It isn't near as chi-chi as Salty's, Ray's, Anthony's, and all the other places that first come to mind, but I've found it to be a reliable and very popular place when my family (love em but they're not very adventurous folks) come to town, esp anyone with kids. They are VERY kid friendly.

        1. Actually, seafood is a great bet with the birthday boy. He doesn't eat red meat.

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            Should have mentioned, the food is very good--top-notch raw ingredients, well-prepared and presented simply. The salmon won't come with mango-chipotle salsa, and the accompanying veggies will be seasonal and well-prepared but don't expect broccoli rabe with lemon beurre blanc.