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Mar 2, 2008 07:04 PM

Favorite Wines Under $15?

Would like to sample some new wines without breaking the bank :)

Your faves & why?

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  1. German rieslings (under 15 of course)... you can about throw darts at the 2005 Mosels.... for that matter American rieslings under 15 are a best buy, IMO.

    Moscato d'Asti can come in around 15 and it's a very versatile semi-sweet frizzy white. Useful with apertif as well as dessert and very food friendly through the meal for that matter.

    In Reds, Valpolicella Ripassa is a great value, you can often find them in the 15 area.

    Another consistent red value are non-trophy tempranillos /blends from great Spanish vintages. Look at excellent non-trophy Riojas from 2001 and 2004 still available in your price range. 2005 looks like a good year too.

      1. It's much easier to reply -- for me, at least -- if I know where you live. There's little point, IMHO, of recommending a wine that's totally unavailable in your area.

        A little info about you, your likes & dislikes, will provide great rewards in return.


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          Hey Jason,

          I live in Colorado and there are a slew of wine shops in my area! I am trying to move beyond "what I know I like" which is why I kept the post so open ended...I want to try something I haven't heard of, something new & different to me that will open my eyes, nose, taste buds and mind! And, I can go nuts b/c I'm keeping the price low!

          Gimmie all you got!!

          1. re: lavendula

            Without a doubt my #1 value wine right now is Chidaine Touraine! Francois Chidaine is a master with Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley but this racy Sauvignon Blanc offering from him is wickedly gulpable and I find an embarassing number of empty bottles in my recycling bin every $11.00 it is just silly good.

            1. re: bubbles4me

              wickedly gulpable...oh my....

              excellent phrasing. the best wine description I've heard so far this month.

        2. Okay, I will tell you that I really enjoyed this wine last night:

          Pinot Nero, Borgo Magredo, Grave, 2006 from the Friuli region of Italy. It was nice & light and even a bit sweeter than I usually like (lots of strawberry)- but it worked for me!

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            I'm adding the Bonterra Vineyards Cab to the list - $16. Full of flavor! My guests couldn't believe how inexpensive the bottle was :)

          2. At $8.99 to $10.99 locally (SOCAL), Bitch (pardon the Australian) Grenache (from Barossa) is a good wine for the money. It is unoaked, and has pleasent but not overpowering fruit flavors. We enjoy it with some lighter grilled fare and mediterraean cuisine. A nice summer red in my opinion.