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Mar 2, 2008 06:03 PM

SD Ramen gets an Upgrade (hint - Santouka)

The SD ramen scene is about to get a significant upgrade. Now fans of Santouka can save the trip to Costa Mesa and get a bowl of their ramen when their booth opens inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace. A help-wanted poster announcing the new store was already up in the small eating area, though it did not announce any dates.

It helped to take the sting out of the other poster, the one which announced that Asameshi ran out of ramen. I confirmed with the folks at Kayaba, who said that Asameshi would not be serving Monday and Kayaba will return to their regular menu. So the Mitsuwa Ramen Festival 2008 is now a thing of the past.

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  1. What are the alternatives till it opens? I didn't make it down there on Friday, and thank you for your post saving me another wasted trip tomorrow (Monday).

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    1. re: Leucadian

      Well the ramen pickings are pretty slim in San Diego, but for now Tajima's house style, their tonkotsu, is the one to go for.

      Tajima Japanese Restaurant
      4681 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

    2. YESSSSSSS! Now I don't have to stop by the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa on the way home from my daughter's dentist appointment to get my ramen fix. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. Fantastic news! Thanks for the heads-up.

        1. According to Santouka's website,, they'll be opening up 3 stores in the U.S. by the end of 2008: San Diego, Seattle, and New York... Unfortunately still no dates announced that I could see.

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            I saw the help-wanted ad also in a free paper. It said "OPEN in March", but I don't know the exact date.

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              That's great news.....I had heard that Santouka was going to open even before Kayaba did. It had been so long I thought it would never happen.

            2. Any updates on Gunco Ramen down there in Chula Vista? I passed by today.

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                I was at Mitsuwa today and it's not there yet..........