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Mar 2, 2008 05:08 PM

Gran Gusto - good food, bad service

I’ve been curious about Gran Gusto for some time, so a fellow hound and I went on Saturday night. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve dined in Europe and understand what relaxed service entails. But the service at Gran Gusto was horrific.

First the food…we split the beef carpaccio app, an eggplant lasagna entrée and a diavola pizza. The carpaccio was light yet flavorful, but the cheese overpowered the beef a bit. The lasagna was simple and well-executed. And the pizza was fabulous. My one criticism of the pie was that it could’ve used a touch more cheese. In general, I think the portions are a bit too small for the price. I’d go somewhere like Trattoria Toscana for better overall food but the pizza lives up to the hype – best in Boston.

About the service – here was what happened:
Took 30 mins to get bread and order
15 mins for the carpaccio
1 hour for the lasagna
1 hour for the pizza
10 mins for the check

We asked the waiter to check on the pie, no reply. Requested more bread and water, no response. I don’t think I can ever go back, solely because of the absurd service. Has anyone else on the board experienced sub-par service there? Thoughts?

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  1. Well, if the waiter putting his arm around my girlfriend shoulders when she asked a question is considered bad service (which to me it definitely is) then yes - I have experienced sub-par service.

    1. do you mean that ea. interval is in addition--as in it took another hour to get the pizza after the hour and 45 min it took to get the lasagna? b/c if so, that's absolutely wild. i was thinking of hitting them up for lunch to try that pizza but i don't think i can wait that kind of long for pizza at lunch.

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        Sorry - should've been clearer in my original post. Those wait times are stacked, so the entire experience took ~3 hours. Eating a small course every hour is just not satisfying. And that's with our table trying hard to get the waiter's attention!

      2. Do they have a bar you can order food from?

        1. I'm sorry to hear that. I had great service when I was there but I went on a Wednesday and it was pretty empty. Was it crowded when you went?

          If you want to give it another try because you liked the pizza, try a weekday.

          1. I had a similar experience. The waiter was an older guy, very Cambridge-looking, who treated everything a little too casually (though the kitchen is no doubt responsible for most of the delays). We didn't have quite as long waits as you, but there couldn't have been more than 4 tables occupied at any time during our dinner. (This was on a Saturday night too, I was surprised at how dead it was. Maybe the snow earlier in the day kept people at home)