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Mar 2, 2008 05:06 PM

Good Tucson steakhouse for bachelor party...

Hey Hounds,

new yorker headed to Tucson for the first time. My brother's getting married in a few weeks, and we want to throw him a steak lunch bachelor party. Looking at more upscale kinda places as well as western spots as well... good steak and sides, and good spirits selections are the main selling points. thoughts?


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  1. Well, the stock answer to this would be Pinnacle Peak, in Traildust Town. Ok steaks, vaguely theme park atmosphere, and all the kitch you can eat. Get him to wear a tie. Unfortunately, I just can't quite present this as genuinely good advice (and I'm not sure they're open for lunch).

    You might check out Daisy Mae's steakhouse. They have good steaks, and a fun atmosphere. Again, not sure they're open for lunch.

    1. For upscale options, try Flemings (but it's a chain) or Sullivan's. They're more fun than McMahon's.

      1. Chad's would be my pick for local favorite, with western theme. It's not upscale, it's comfortable and the steaks are good. Link:

        I'd also say Ok Corral, but they're only open for dinner.

        Avoid Pinnacle Peak -- tourist trap and very busy with kids.

        There's also McClintock's, which is supposed to be lots of fun getting to, as it's in a secluded development, and a great place to dine:

        Upscale, and for dinner.