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Mar 2, 2008 02:59 PM

What should a single foodie with a vacation do?

Okay, I'm looking for suggestions on how to put these pieces together.

-I've just become recently single
-I had a vacation planned for late the last week of March with my former-girl that I'm not eager to take alone
-My bonus check for the year just came in so I've got some leeway in terms of money
-I'm in my late 20s

So I'm scouting suggestions. I was wondering if there's a cooking class or tour that would be appropriate. I've never done one before and worry they would tend to be all couples or retirees (don't get me wrong, I'll hang out with anyone. I'm looking for the chance to meet some neat people, and it would be nice to find folks that are interested in hanging out with me).

Basically I'm looking for general suggestions. As someone who's interested in cooking and eating, whose got some time and money on his hands, what can I do that would be a unique but still social experience? Thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. there are sooo many options depending on your budget, and preferences concerning climate, cuisine, demographic, other activities, and culture.

      do a google search for "cooking vacation" - you won't believe how many web sites there are to check out.

      1. Do what I did, get on a flight to Rio,the vibe is amazing, the food is beyond words, the hills and beaches have to be seen, and the women.... Well see for your self. take the leap. Good luck.

        1. Cooking classes at Club Med Bora Bora in the French Polynesia. It doesn't get any better...

          1. A few more details migh be helpful: Do you want something structured? What about an independent trip? How much time do you have? What was the previous vacation plan? What is more important--meeting someone new or just having a good hound time?