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Mar 2, 2008 02:49 PM

Comptoir du Relais Lunch ?

My wife tried calling for an end of May dinner reservation a few weeks ago and was told that they are booked through September. I have read that they do not take reservations at lunch, but that it is a different, brasserie menu.

I could not locate any posts on this board discussing their lunches - is it worth a special trip, or is it not such a big deal ?

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  1. I have never been for dinner (I, too, had difficulty obtaining a reservation!) but their lunch is just wonderful. We were in Paris last fall and went twice in five days. I would highly recommend it. To avoid a major line-up for a table, try to go around 2pm.

    1. I have eaten lunch there a couple of times, and both times the food was good. But I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there; it just isn't that wonderful, in my opinion. I gather the menu at dinner is v. good. In no way am I trying to be negative about the restaurant; I just believe there is a lot of hype about it.

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        I am totally with henri cat. It's cramped inside and outside on the small (and slightly downhill) sidewalk, you'll have the cars driving by and the pedestrians almost touching your plate. Watch your belongings also.
        The food is good, but depending on where exactly in the city you will be, you'll find something equal.

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          ....however definately worth it if you are in the 6eme or the towards the east of the 7eme. It is quite small and cramped for lunch (the bistro in the evening halves the number of seats), but isn't that part of the charm as it is meant to preserve the ethos of a typical Parisian bistro?

          It is also worth checking in the afternoon if there are any spaces for dinner, as it is part of a hotel they keep a number of tables back for residents which are not always used.

      2. Our hotel is a block away from the restaurant, and we pass it very often. The first time, I thought it was just a small bistro and didn't associate it with what I've come to learn about it on Chowhound. It always looks so cramped that we haven't as yet tried to eat there, but I'm sure we will. If you want to see a photo of the outside.. it's at

        With all the wonderful spots in Paris, I'm not sure not eating here should be a great disappointment.

        1. Thanks for all the helpful replies.

          1. I tried it and agree that it is VERY cramped. I thought the food to be inexpensive and competent, but really quite ordinary for Paris. It is okay for a simple lunch if you are in the neighborhood, but it is not worth a special trip.

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              i so disagree. we loved it and went back for a 2nd meal and once for dessert at night and sat outside in the cold with heat lamps and blankets across our laps. the beef cheeks were fabulous - very intense. i loved their vegetable salad and my husband loved the house made sausage.