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Mar 2, 2008 02:45 PM

Eating in Stockholm, Sweden


I will be in touring Europe and will be in Stockholm for a few weeks. I'm looking for cheap eats.

I will be staying near the KTH Royal Institute of Technology but anyplace I can get a good meal for less than 10 bucks (about 60 SEK).


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  1. 60 sek for a meal is pretty much impossible unless you stick to McDonald's style places, especially in the evening. You may find some lunch places serving various daily specials (Dagens rätt) for 60 crowns but 70 is more likely and they probably won't be that good. Ask you collegues for suggestions when you arrive, their may be some places catering to student budgets. Be sure to fill up on breakfast and maybe visit a bakery for bread and grocery store for cheese. Sorry I can''t help more but 60 crowns is probably less than a kid working a McDonald's has for an hourly wage so it just don't buy much in Sweden.

    1. At Martins Gröna (Regeringsgatan 91, in the city centre) there's a choice of two very good, very hearty vegetarian dishes, plus home-baked bread, tea or coffee and lingonberry juice for, if I recall correctly, 75kr.
      If you really are short of cash look for Gooh!, a fast food place where you can get some meatballs and potato with a side order of lingonberries for 49kr. They are devised in collaboration with the chef at Operakällaren, one of the best restaurants in town, and considering how cheap they are, they're very good. There are various Gooh! outlets: one of the most central is at Norrlandsgatan 15.