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Mar 2, 2008 02:40 PM

Dee Thai - Sunnyside

Has anyone tried this place? It's on Qns Blvd btw 46th & 47th, where Sunnyside Grill used to be. Got a menu the other day and it looks promising, but we haven't been yet.

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  1. Passed by tonight and it was really busy, only a couple of tables free. I have to try them a.s.a.p.

    1. I haven't tried this place in the neighborhood either, but if you really like thai, then go to Sripraphai Thai Restaurant in Woodside queens on 65th street & 39th avenue (right off of Roosevelt). it's excellent.

      1. I've been nursing a cold and didn't want to spread my germs in a restaurant, so we ordered in last night. Got pad thai (my standard try-out dish at any thai place), a curry fried rice with pork and a laarb moo. When the food arrived I realized that we made a mistake: we ordered all relatively dry dishes, but oh well, lesson learned.
        What I'll say in short is: I'm VERY impressed. Pad thai was probably the best version I've ever had in NYC. The curry fried rice was flavorful with a bit of a kick and the laarb was thai spicy (unfortunately laarb is not one of my favorite dishes). So far beats Sripraphai for me (I like Sri but in the last year or so I felt that their dishes got a bit - just a bit - fast-food-ey).
        The food was steaming hot when it arrived.
        So I'll say, run don't walk to try this place out. I can't wait to try more from their menu.

        @Fishlers, I have been to Sri dozens of times. Dee is much more convenient (couple of blocks from my house) and I'd be thrilled to have a new terrific restaurant in the neighborhood.

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          the place looks very sleek, compared to the sunnyside grill place that was there previously. i also look forward to a good thai restaurant in the 'hood. i also go to sri often, but i'd like something closer to my place as well. look fwd to it and will report later.

          1. re: RedVelvet

            Thanks for the report. Been meaning to go but haven't gotten there yet. I hope to get there for lunch today. Anyway, I wasn't really expecting to hear that it's better than Sri, just hoping for something good that's easier than Sri, esp. for takeout. But if it's true (or even just close) I'll be ecstatic!

            1. re: RedVelvet

              Finally stopped in for lunch today. The lunch special is great - $6 for chicken/tofu/veg or 7 for pork/beef/shrimp, with a mid-sized selection of dishes but plenty to choose from plus an appetizer - there are several of these including soup, salad, dumplings, spring rolls and such. I got the fried tofu appetizer which was quite good, fresh, light and fluffy. The sweet chili sauce was very good and tasteful - not too sweet, just enough kick. For a main I got pad thai, something I haven't had in a while. It was one of the better I've had for sure. Definitely fresh, not greasy and quite flavorful. Can't compare to Sri because I've never had theirs. But everything was well balanced. I can't speak about authenticity, but this is undoubtedly a step up from most of the stuff I've had. I also got a pot of jasmine tea, which was excellent.

              The staff were quite nice and definitely trying to keep everyone happy. Thing is, they didn't need to try terribly hard to do so! Will definitely be back again for some of the other stuff on the menu. Gotta add, I was there fairly late (got in around 2:30) and there was a good number of people eating lunch. That's rare on a weekday for such a new restaurant. Seems like business is off to a good start for them.

            2. for those who had the good fortune to eat at ubol's in astoria before it changed hands and went to seed, and bemoan the disappearence their fantastic mock duck, try it at dee thai. it was even better than ubol's. we also ordered a chef's special fish dish served in a coconut shell, satay app. and salad, and finished with great green tea ice cream--not the standard fare. everything we had was fresh, beautifully prepared and presented.

              sleek and clean and calm with elegant decor, and a lovely staff but, best of all, everything was delicious and inexpensive.


              a week or so ago, we tried them on a rainy night and had some delivery problems, and the manager came to the apartment herself to apologize drop off the food. it was so well above and beyond that it made us stop in to the restaurant.

              srip is delicious but far enough to be a hassle to get to as often as we would like. dee thai has it all over srip as far as decor and presentation.

              a great addition to the neighborhood--and to nyc in general!

              1. Definitely the best Thai so far in the nabe, I've had the pad kee mow & penang curry & they were really excellent. The Penang curry even had a little heat to it, not the usual overly sweet glop that most places serve. I didn't even request spicy when I ordered. A nice dipping sauce for the pork satay as well.
                This place definitely goes onto my very short list for great takeout here.