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Mar 2, 2008 02:39 PM

Looking for a great (not just good) place to have lunch in Mexico City

I will be laid over in M.C. for about 6 hours in April. I am a professional chef and would love to see a great market and have a mind-blowing authentic lunch in that time span. Chef Rick Bayless(Topolobompbo) mentions Restaurante Arroyo in MC in the book My Last Supper, but have not found a post for it here. Any ideas?

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  1. For lunch, Ricardo Muñoz Zurita's *Azul y Oro* at the UNAM. It's the hottest ticket in Mexico City.

    For a market, La Merced (with its own metro stop) is the place to go.

    Six hours isn't much time, though, for a city the size of the DF.

    1. The Splendid Table (NPR) just had an interview with the author of a guidebook to dinning in Mexico City, covering everything from street food to high end. It's only about $13.

      Good Food in Mexico City: A Guide to Food Stalls, Fondas and Fine Dining (Paperback
      )by Nicholas Gilman (Author)

      This is the audio of that segment

      1. Arroyo is a classic, very casual weekend, family spot... pretty good food & great atmosphere for its given style... but its probably not what you are looking for. 6 hours isn't much time for getting around this mammoth city... I agree with Azul y Oro because you can get from the Airport into Ciudad Universitaria on the subway very easily.

        Another option would be to take the subway to Mercado La Merced... sample food from the busiest fondas. Maybe someone can chime in with a spectacular off-Mercado fonda... but the beauty of Mexico City is that if its not a chic restaurant, and it is very busy, its bound to be mind-blowing good (as long as you aren't expecting 4 star dining structure.... 7 courses, hand towels etc.,)

        One thing you should know is that lunch in Mexico City is at 2PM... so to get a proper, mind-blowing authentic lunch... the places that do real Comida aren't going to be open until that time.

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          Thanks for all the great info...I'll check in after my trip and let you all know what I experienced...Can't wait!